Balaam’s Ass and Ludwig Feuerbach: Critiquing the Idol-God

Ludwig Feuerbach, a German philosopher (if his name didn’t give it away), offered a critique of religion, particularly the Christian religion, that ought to have weight as we self-criticize our own understanding of God. Karl Barth took Feuerbach’s critique to heart as he saw in it a critique of natural theology. Here is a key […]

Barth’s Argument from Contingence: Creation’s Inner-Reality

In Barth’s Church Dogmatics III/1 we get into his doctrine of creation. As I was reading along, as is typical when reading Barth, I was struck with something he noted in regard to creation’s beginning; with reference to creation’s telos. Here he presents what sounds something like an argument from contingence, in regard to God’s […]

The Bibliography for the Dissertation

Here is a copy of my Bibliography for the PhD dissertation. I’m not going to share the whole dissertation yet, and much of it is already available by viewing our two books on Evangelical Calvinism. I plan on writing a book after, and based on the contents of the dissertation in the future. But to […]