When philosophers talk about ‘god’ are they referring to the God, or instead a human projection of a no-God? When atheists talk about ‘god’ are they referring to the God, or instead a socio-phenomenal construct of god that they have inherited tacitly from the cultures (largely Western per the assumption of this post) they have […]

John B. Webster (1955 – 2016) is a theologian to whom I will ever look as a man of God, a theologian of theologians, a doctor of the Christian church, and a humble soul who simply loved Jesus. Webster taught me that Holy Scripture rather than being an epistemological seed-bed for knowing God, instead represents […]

*So sad to hear that one of my favorites, John Webster died today. I learned so much from him, and had hoped to learn more; but the Lord was ready to welcome him into Christ’s blessed rest. I am reposting this post in remembrance of John Webster, a man who God used mightily in my […]

It really is striking to move beyond the popular, and engage with the critical; particularly when it comes to theological matters (at least for me). I am continuing my trek through Richard Muller’s magnum opus, his: Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics: Volume Two, Holy Scripture The Cognitive Foundation of Theology. There are four volumes in this series, […]

I wanted to briefly highlight something in the theology of Karl Barth offered up by some commentary provided by Tom Greggs. Barth believed individual people had particularity, that they weren’t objectified and swallowed up in the mass (so to speak) of an ostensibly metaphysical humanity; i.e. the humanity of Christ. Instead, as Greggs notes, humans […]

Here is an interesting post (I think) from the past that I wrote. I’m really not sure I agree with TFT on this as I once did. So it makes it interesting to me.  Here is a quote from TF Torrance on how he believed John Calvin contributed to the theological world, and thus how […]

I must admit, ever since encountering Patristic theology and their hermeneutics in seminary (back in 2002) for the first time, my compass for hermeneutical theory began to take a tailspin. And then a little later, as I continued to dig, and engage with Thomas Torrance, Karl Barth, John Webster, Matthew Levering, and even some Puritans, […]


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