PhD in Systematic and Historical Theology Officially Forthcoming on October 15, 2022

It is exciting to see how the Lord has been working in the ministry of Concordia Academic Theology Consortium International; the theological and pastoral educational branch of the General Lutheran Church (denomination). They have received accreditation from and along with Universidad Acreditadora De Capellanía Y Estudios Bíblicos De Puerto Rico, which is recognized by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico […]

Logos asarkos, Word without Flesh

Barth’s theology is often tagged as postmetaphysical in line with something like Kant’s, and more to the point, post-Kantian mediating theologians like Albrecht Ritschl, Wilhelm Hermann et al. But this is overwrought in the sense that Barth might be a trained modern theologian, nevertheless he is conditioned more by his reliance on the antique tradition […]

Is Thomas Torrance Really a Thomist?

Bruce McCormack argues, contra Hunsinger’s reading of Barth, that Hunsinger’s reading of Barth’s Trinitarian theology is in fact modulated through TF Torrance’s reading of Barth. McCormack further argues that TF Torrance’s approach is in fact Thomist, particularly when it comes to thinking a doctrine of God, and thus represents an inaccurate lens through which to […]

On My Doctoral Work

There are further developments on the PhD front. As many of you know I had been working with Martin Luther School of Bible and Theology and Concordia Academic Theology Consortium, Intl. of the General Lutheran Church denomination towards a doctor of philosophy degree in systematic and historical theology. They are both newish (within the last […]