I wanted to offer a quick reply-post to Derek Rishmawy’s post on the purported value of reading the Bible through a Latin forensic reading of Holy Scripture and the subsequent doing of theology therefrom. Derek writes: A similar sort argument is often lodged against the Western tradition in general. Depending on the subject, it is […]

In the Christian life there is a constant drum to perform, it seems. This is something that Evangelical Calvinism is intent on reorienting in and through a focus on the performance of Jesus Christ for us. The Evangelical Calvinist’s thesis is that God’s life of Triune love is the basis for everything; as such everything […]

I am not going to say much, other than that this helps me. I am a sinner, and I still sin, frequently in fact. The only difference between me and the world is that I am a saved sinner (simultaneously justified and sinner); nevertheless, I still think in ways that terminate nowhere else but in […]

Jean Gerson (1363-1429) medieval theologian and chancellor of the University of Paris offers a helpful vision towards the type of corrective that I’ve been hoping Evangelical Calvinism along with Ron Frost’s Affective Theology might offer the resurgence of scholastic Reformed theology we see evident in movements like The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, so on and […]

The Word of God. The Word of God has changed my life, and continues to. I have never known life outwith God’s Word in my life; I was surrounded by it and Him one way or the other since conception. I went long spans without being deeply saturated in it—in seasons of my youth—but this […]

John Calvin is not the founder of Calvinism. 

Not that I am necessarily worried about proving Barth’s orthodoxy to any of his critics, but this particular passage from his Church Dogmatics is rather striking in the way that it represents a very classical and orthodox view of God’s aseity. For anyone who thinks this is a rare excerpt from Barth, think again. For […]

I sort of set off an online firestorm a few months ago after I decided to post some of my thoughts on Christiane Tietz’s journal essay on Karl Barth and Charlotte von Kirschbaum’s relationship. My blog had never received so much traffic prior; it became a genuine ordeal. An ordeal not because I was excited […]

The following is my very early, brainstorming, just jotting my initial thoughts down, towards drafting a proposal I am working on with reference to Thomas Torrance’s soteriology. Like I said, this is just a first draft (or brainstorm) that I wrote off the top. But hey, I thought I’d share it, because I’m still a […]

Thomas F. Torrance’s doctrine of salvation is grounded in a Trinitarian frame, and subsequent doctrine of election wherein the vicarious humanity of Jesus Christ is understood to be the locus where what it means to be human before God is realized. Given the fall of humanity in Genesis 3, what it means to be human […]