PhD Sponsorship?

I have been accepted to a PhD program in systematic theology at South African Theological Seminary. I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. It can be done by “distance” (it is fully accredited) it is like any other international PhD — it is pure ‘research’ (or dissertation only), which makes it really ideal for family life and just the logistics of our current situation right now. My desire, and gifting, I believe, is to teach theology and Bible at a Bible College or Seminary; in fact this has been my “dream” for quite some time. Earning this PhD will open the doors to this possibility, and could lead to this “dream” becoming a reality — in fact earning a PhD is a necessary step in order for this to happen.

Of course, this program costs money, not exorbitant amounts (which has made other alternatives and programs prohibitive); but it is still money, money we don’t have. So I am just putting this out here, by faith, to see if any of you would be willing to sponsor me financially for the PhD? It is $2,400 per year, I am only looking for sponsorship for one year at a time — so $2,400 is the current goal (this will get me going and into the program). If you feel led to do something like this, that would be great!

I should say, I already have doctoral supervision lined up; my primary supervisor is theologian and scholar Dr. Myk Habets (he is a professor at Carey Baptist College in New Zealand, and directs their theological studies program — and he has already contracted with SATS to specifically be my supervisor), and then Dr. Sam Kunhiyop, who is the head of the post-graduate school at SATS and also is a contributor to the Africa Bible Commentary. My research will be on The Vicarious Humanity of Jesus Christ, with Special Attention to the Theology of Thomas Torrance (click on the linked “The Vicarious Humanity of Jesus Christ” in order to get an idea of what this is referencing — the link is to a paper given by Dr. Andrew Purves [a student of TF Torrance], and you will at least get a flavor for what I’m talking about, if unaware).

I/we (my wife and I) would really appreciate your partnering with us in this way for the advancement of the kingdom. My heart, is, and always has been to use my gifts as a ‘teacher’ to edify and challenge the body of Christ for the glory of God! If you would like to participate in this with us please send me an email (or comment here on this post) at:

Also, if you would prefer to just donate through paypal you can do that here (this is the same paypal account we had set up for my “cancer fund”):

Donation for Bobby’s PhD (our email address, if you chose to donate, is, which is what you will enter in order to direct your payment to our account)

I will be able to supply you with even more detail if necessary, or be able to answer any questions you might have about this; and our future plans, in regards to career and ministry goals. Thank you! 🙂

PS. I will keep everyone regularly updated, so you will know where we our at — in regards to reaching the $2,400 (USD) goal — and how much more we will need to reach that goal. Once we meet that, I will let you all know. Thank you!

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