Herman Bavinck’s 31 Flavors

Here is an interesting quote from Dutch Theologian Herman Bavinck on General & Special Revelation:

All revelation–general and special–finally finds its fulfillment and meaning in Christ. God’s revelation in Scripture and in Christ provides the spectacles of faith that enable us to understand general revelation better, as well as a basis for encounters with non-Christians. In no way should the Christian faith be represented as otherworldly or anti-creation. Rather, grace and nature are united in the Christian faith, and general revelation links the kingdom o heaven and the kingdom of earth–it joins creation and redemption together in one great eschatological cantata of praise. Grace restores nature, a religious life is woven into the very fabric of ordinary human experience. Finally, God is one and the same loving God in creation and redemption; grace restores nature. [Herman Bavinck, “Reformed Dogmatics: Prolegomena,” 302]

Some interesting stuff and referencing going on here. I see some of Calvin ‘spectacles’ and concepts that sound a lot like his two-fold knowledge of God, but then interestingly, I also pick up some strong notes of Thomas Aquinas’ dictum of ‘grace perfects nature’. So it seems Bavinck in this unit of thought reflects a scholastic mixture of post-Reformed orthodox flavors. Just making some observations.

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  1. Aquinas… Awe yes, he too is/was an Augustianian, but with the beauty of Augustine’s doctrine of Prevenient Grace (De natura et gratia)…such is ‘grace that perfects nature’, but finally at the End/Eschaton!


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