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I’m going to start a second blog, not a rare thing for me to try 😉 . This will be my primary and ongoing theological blog, but I have an itch to start another themed blog that is focused on New Testament studies (which is really what my Masters degree is in, as far as major focus). So this is other blog is entitled Jesus Confession, and can be found by clicking on ‘Jesus Confession’ or by clicking here: http://jesusconfession.blogspot.com

I think different blogs take on different themes, and my writing done under The Evangelical Calvinist name has taken on a certain theme and mode of discourse; the mode is primarily theological and Christian Dogmatic in orientation; and so this is why I am going to start another blog which will have a completely different (but ultimately related) theme of consideration. I will be focusing, at first anyway, on the writings of Richard Bauckham, N.T. Wright, Craig Keener, and various other New Testament and Biblical scholars. I have an adept interest in what has become known as Jesus Studies as well as Paul Studies; and I also continue to have an interest in the Greek New Testament, which I minored in undergrad, and majored in grad school (my Masters program). And so what I will be writing about at my New Testament blog will also get into Greek New Testament stuff in particular; I will also be discussing hermeneutical theory (which will overlap with theological concerns, since I follow a theological exegetical practice, a “Christ conditioned” one), amongst other things.

Anyway, carry on; if this new blog sounds interesting to you (besides my blog here), then check that one out too.

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2 Responses to A New Testament Studies Blog

  1. Jon Sellers says:

    Sounds good. Will follow it.


  2. Bobby Grow says:

    Cool, Jon. Thanks 🙂 .


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