This Mundane Life: A Reflection

Living the Christian life in the apparently mundane realities of our daily lives just seems mundane, if not impossible! At least for me there are so many things in this life that don’t seem fair, that don’t measure up, that don’t turn out the way I have expected them to. I have ended up working in a place (for now) that is way far away from what I would have expected; I have ended up with a disease that should have statistically taken my life by now; and so many other things that cannot be elaborated any further here. But all of this ‘reality’ to simply reflect on the fact that Jesus is not surprised, he is not deterred from his plans for me (or you); even though the way things have turned out thus far, make me wonder, sometimes, what in the world is going on. All of what has happened, and is happening in my life (and my family’s life), is simply in Christ. And all of these surprises to me, are in keeping with the way God reveals himself to us through his ‘hiddeness’. He came as a baby in the manger, and died as a man on the cross; he toiled and labored in obscurity for years and years in his little podunk town of Nazareth that I am sure, at points to him, caused him to wonder about what the Father was doing — it may have caused him to wonder why it was taking the Father’s plan so long to unfold. And yet unlike me, Jesus always, by the Spirit, continued to say Yes to the Father; he didn’t have these lapses wherein he threw little fits or tantrums before the Father, instead, out of Spirit breathed love he always said ‘Yes Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.’ And to think that it is this kind of submitted, self-humbled life that is the ground of my life by the Spirit; is the root of my life as I have been united to Christ’s humanity, and now, I by the grace and adoption, participate in and for his life with the Father. This reality —  and it is reality! — orients all of the mundane things of this life in a way that keeps them real. Even though I still have these real and existential moments of confusion and bewilderment at the circumstances of this daily life; I have the capacity and gravity in and through Christ’s Spirit anointed humanity for me (us) to, by faith, continue to say ‘Yes’ to the Father — the same Yes that Jesus gave to the Father when he decided to become a human being for me and you before the creation of the world; the same Yes that we finally see in the Garden of Gethsemane, and ultimately at the cross. I have this same kind of resurrection power, this same kind of recreated humanity operative in me, as I am operative, by adoption, in the life of God in Christ. I could despair (and I do sometimes, to be honest), but God’s loving and small quiet voice keeps wooing me back to my first love over and over and over again. It is this same whisper that he and the Son have shared by the Spirit for all of their eternal life.

I continue to hope for better things in the days ahead. And why shouldn’t I Jesus is coming, bodily, once again; and he comes everyday, and every moment of everyday, by the Spirit, to remind us that we are not orphans! Come quickly Jesus!

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3 Responses to This Mundane Life: A Reflection

  1. Jerome says:

    Amen. I’m with you on this, Bobby. The hope we have, in Jesus, is what makes life possible. Right now, my daughter is going through very tough times, and it is affecting us all. I come back, again and again, to that verse where Jesus tells us an astounding thing, that “in this world you will have trouble,” but to “Rejoice! for I have overcome the world.” In Christ, we are bound to him completely, and even though we struggle and fall, we are completely implicated and experience his victory over it all. Oh, the paradox of our existence!


  2. Ferg Breen says:

    Bless you Bobby.
    How real are the pains of this world but how true is our hope in Jesus and his ever kind and loving Father and their compassionate spirit.
    Without them, I dare not think of what I’d do!


  3. Bobby Grow says:


    Amen. I will keep your daughter in prayer, then. You guys too!


    I dare not thing of what I’d do either … I don’t understand how folk even exist w/o consciously knowing their Savior.


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