Why are Horus and Jesus so Popular?

Why is my post on ‘Horus and Jesus’ so popular? This post. It has been at the top of my top ten most popular posts now for at least a week. This bothers me, I thought that post was really a throw away post, but it seems that this kind of stuff is what grabs the attention of so many out in the broader world; the sensational stuff. Indeed, the reason I originally even wrote this post is because I was corresponding with my non-Christian boss at work, at the time. He let me know that he believed non-sense like this about the “apparent” parallels between mythological figures like Horus, and then the historical figure, Jesus.

Maybe this post is popular because it is helping to dispel such nonsensical notions from the minds of those who must be reading it.

P.S. My former boss used to read my blog when I wrote that original post on Horus and Jesus, which is why I wrote it. We had just met outside of work, and had quite the exchange—unfortunately he didn’t want to talk to me anymore about such things. I hope and pray for my former boss, Matthew; that he will come to know Jesus like I do.

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