Who Said This? Guess the Theologian …

Which theologian wrote this?:

2. The church cannot therefore understand her course of history of arbitrary human opinions and resolutions. She understands it rather as the exposition of Holy Scripture by itself, as the Word of God acting in her. Human opinions and resolutions can never precede but only follow the decisions of the Word of God and the church can never have the truth of the Word of God at her disposal but can only be its servant.

3. If the church on her side makes definite decisions, she does so because she must constantly justify her actions before the Word of God which governs her, and must constantly profess the truth in the face of error. The bonds she thus imposes can and will provide not a hindrance but rather free course to the Word of God. They are valid and effective in so far as the church in them owes allegiance not to herself but to Jesus Christ as her head and thus to Holy Scripture.

What do you think, do you agree with this? I think you will be surprised to find out who wrote this! Of course I’m not telling you, you have to guess; if you get it right, I’ll only let you know then.

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4 Responses to Who Said This? Guess the Theologian …

  1. Uncle Karl, in his Gifford Lectures. Great stuff.


  2. Bill Ford says:

    Well, it doesn’t read like Torrance, so I will say Barth?


  3. Jon Sellers says:

    Hey its free on Nook. I just downloaded Nook for PC so I can read it on my PC.
    And it is online at:


  4. Bobby Grow says:


    Ah, man, you gave it away 😉 ! Really great stuff!!

    @Bill, I’m too predictable 🙂 !

    @Jon, indeed, I took this from my Nook version. I do have an electronic Pdf form of it too. I quoted from Barth’s Gifford Lecture in my personal chapter in the book. Glad you have found this too.


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