The Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut: ‘We need a way out’

The world immediately blames what happened today on mental illness; the depths of which nobody can mine. The shooter may well have been mentally ill—whatever that is supposed to be in this case—but he could have simply done what he did because he is a sinner; because he has a desperately sick and wicked heart informing his character. But we all need a way out; a way out that we create and thus feel a sense of control over. To default to the explanation that the shooter was necessarily mentally ill reigns this situation into some semblance of order and control; after all we have psychologists and psychiatrists, and neuro-scientists—so we have a priesthood of sorts, whom we can turn to for some sense of control. I just wrote above that we all need a way out; what I meant is that at some level we need to distance ourselves from this, I mean psychically. We need to categorize what the shooter did as something that our hearts could never do, because we are above such a thing (and most actually are, de facto). The reality is, though, that all of our hearts, left to themselves are just as heinous and gross as the shooter’s heart. Sure we don’t go and do what the shooter did today, but this doesn’t mean that our hearts, left to themselves, aren’t just as dark. We comfort ourselves, and I generalize, as a society with the belief that we are generally good people; evidenced by the fact that we would never do what the shooter did today. And so we need a way out, in order to self-justify ourselves. We need a way out in order to not have to deal with the enormity and gravity of our own wicked hearts. We need a way out of our own making so that we don’t have to finally bow the knee to Jesus. I hope many turn to Christ because of this today.

This whole thing is a tragedy. When I first heard of this I thought of my own cute kids at school. Then I thought of the fear these little kids in Connecticut must have felt just prior to being killed by this wickedly sick person. I don’t know what to say, except that I am praying for these children’s parents and families. A terrible day!

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