keep the Χ in X-Mas, and the HOLI in HOLI-days

I haven’t done any research on this, but we need to keep the X in mas. Some people seem to think they are “x-ing” out the Christ in mas when they use X-mas, xbut in reality they are only really using shorthand for the first letter of Christ’s name in Greek which is Χριστος; the X makes the sound ‘chi’ or Xi.

I also thinks its funny how at least in America its politically correct to use the terminology happy HOLIDAYS instead of Merry Christmas. Etymologically in the Western society especially I would gather that the language of HOLI-days comes from our Judaeo background taken up by our Christian background; and the high holy days that we find celebrated in the Hebrew cultus like in Leviticus 23. Again this is all based on conjecture on my part (not the X in X-mas, but the etymology of Holi in HOLI-days).

No matter how hard folk try to escape Christ and his religion this season the reality is is that he is inescapable. If he is the ground, telos (purpose) and orientation of all of creation then resistance is futile; even in trying to go around him and his HOLI-days during this Christmas season.

Merry X-mas and Happy HOLI-Days!

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