‘Running To and Fro’, Gun Control and the Vanity of it All

I am amazed by the rapidity of this world. The Apocalyptic prophet, Daniel, wrote once:

4. But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge. ~Daniel 12:4 (NIV)

obamagunIt is easy to be culture conditioned, and not realize how fast things are moving; since if we don’t move with it we won’t continue to have our being, it seems. But on reflection what Daniel wrote (had revealed to him) a couple millenia/+ ago seems to be ever increasingly true. One of the reasons I am reflecting like this is because I just came across an open source movement—in our gun control frenzy era—called Defense Distributed, they are intending on producing what they are calling a Wiki Weapon; a weapon that can be fully printed from your computer using a 3-d printer and plastic resin. The founder of this move is Cody R. Wilson, a University of Texas Law School in Austin Law student; and he seems to be motivated more by philosophical (and even chastened or principled anarchist) principles than he is by the actual production of the weapon. Indeed, his desire seems to be one that is shaped more by subterfuge than sales of weapons; his goal is to, apparently, tell the man that he has already lost. His aim appears to be one that says “so what” governments of the world; you can regulate and ban guns, but you can’t ban the ideas that produces guns. And ultimately, given the free access to the internet, Wilson seems to think that governments can’t ban the actual production of physical weapons/guns either. But I wonder what Wilson thinks about governments banning or regulating the internet; I wonder if he has pondered what would happen if these governments so clamped down that the free dissemination of information on the internet ceases.

Anyway, I just thought this was an interesting example of how fast information is exploding. There is a sense of empowerment that comes with knowledge and information; indeed, for Wilson and his cohort, it appears, this kind of information, philosophically, serves as horizontal salvation from institutionalized humanity. It is a statement of individual liberty, and even autonomy, that if collectively manipulated—by free autonomous individuals (like Wilson & co.)—can say ‘F*%$’ you to the man (and Wilson does in some of his interviews and at his blog). But the reality ultimately and inevitably is, is that knowledge untethered from reality is always already impotent to achieve the kind of principled anarchy and thus liberation that Wilson and cohort, and clans like theirs hope to actualize for the indomitable human spirit. This hope, this idea that is driving Defense Distributed is noble, but in the end its doomed. Not because it is not noble, but because it starts with the wrong supposition. It supposes that man and woman are essentially ‘free’. But if the cross of Jesus Christ has anything to say about that (and it does!), then what the cross says is that we are totally un-free and in bondage to our own wants (which is our perception of freedom … i.e. freedom from the man). Cody Wilson’s plans are full of idealism and horizontal hope, but they are ultimately crushed on the rocky shoreline of ultimate reality; the reality that there is no horizontal hope without vertical in-breaking and intervention, the kind that is extra nos (outside of us) and pro nobis (for us). The kind of hope and ideal that Cody is looking for, that we all are can only be found and actualised in and through Jesus Christ, Immanuel. 

This has been a rather strange rant, but it has been a strange day; so this post is fitting ;-).  C’est la vie

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