PCUSA and Thomas Torrance

I have had some correspondence with the pastor of the church that we will be attending, Columbia Presbyterian Church, and I am totally encouraged!

  1. This pastor, as I have mentioned, earned an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary. While he was attending there, Thomas Torrance was teaching classes there. Our new pastor (I don’t want to jump the gun too much here, but) actually had Thomas Torrance (and I’m assuming wife) into his house on more than one occasion where they spent time together. Anyway, Thomas Torrance was a personal mentor of the pastor of the church we will be attending.
  2. As I had also mentioned; this Presbyterian church we will be attending is a Presbyterian Church (USA), PCUSA, which has a spectrum of belief associated with it—most other Presbyterians would think that they are “Liberal.” But the good news is that the PCUSA is on a spectrum, and our new church is associated with the ECO (although it is still officially PCUSA), which is an Evangelical offshoot from the PCUSA. Anyway, they are conservative and Evangelical; and this really makes my day!

Anyway, I just thought I would provide an update for anyone interested. 🙂 Carry on.

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6 Responses to PCUSA and Thomas Torrance

  1. Kevin Davis says:

    Ah, so they are affiliated with the Fellowship of Presbyterians, right? Technically, ECO is the name of the denominational offshoot of the Fellowship; thus, the Fellowship unites both ECO and evangelicals remaining in the PCUSA.

    As you already know (I think), the dean of our seminary campus is a former student of Thomas Torrance. It has been a real privilege soaking-in the wisdom of our dean. I think you’ll enjoy your new church home.


  2. Jerome says:

    Sounds good, Bobby! And yes, it was me who pointed GCI. They have an accredited online seminary, btw. All the best!


  3. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    Should make for a lot of good conversations!


  4. Bobby Grow says:


    Yes, it is the Fellowship of Presbyterians; exactly!

    Yeah, I remember you stating that before about your dean; that is very awesome! TFT had massive impact, didn’t he? Still is, on some of us.

    I think we will enjoy it too. My wife and I are both really exicted!


    I may very well still follow up with that and see where it leads! Thanks for doing that for me, brother, I really appreciate that!

    @Fr Kimel,

    I think it will 🙂 too!


  5. TC says:

    Glad you found a home, bro.


  6. Bobby Grow says:

    Thank you, TC. We are really excited :-)!


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