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"The world was made so that Christ might be born."-David Fergusson

A quote from John Webster on Resurrection and Interpretation

“The nature of Holy Scripture, and of its interpreters and their acts of interpretation, may all be understood out of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The task of biblical interpretation is a function of the nature of Scripture; the nature of Scripture is a function of its appointment as herald of the self-communicative presence of the risen one. Scripture is to be read as what it is, a complex though unified set of texts through which the risen Christ interprets himself as the one in whom the entire economy of God’s dealings with creatures has its coherence and fulfilment. The ground and substance of the church’s confession is his majestic and luminous perfection: ‘he fills all things’ (cf. Eph. 4.10). Scripture and its interpreters have their being within the compass of this all-embracing reality; acts of interpretation are undertakings within the history of reconciling and revealing grace over which the exalted Christ presides. Such acts are becoming when they conform to the order of being in which they are ventured, and disorderly when they misunderstand or disavow that order of being and treat Scripture as something other than the address of the risen Christ to the saints.”
–John Webster, “The Domain Of The Word: Scripture and Theological Reason,” (London/New York: T&T Clark, 2012), 32..

Written by Bobby Grow

April 7, 2013 at 8:10 pm