Our new church, is associated with this group of Presbyterians (in the video); yet we remain part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) for the moment. You will notice that this group of Presbyterians (‘The Fellowship’) endorses ‘egalitarian ministry’, and to be honest, I endorse egalitarian ministry, even though I remain a convinced complementarian. I see the “office” of pastor reserved for males, but I see the “gifting” of pastor as cross-gendered; meaning that I believe females can function as “pastors,” but under (ultimately) the leadership of a “senior” (or nowadays “lead”) pastor who is a man. I see no difference—other than semantic—between what I just wrote, and what I have always held (and what most “conservative” American Evangelicals hold); that is I have never really had any problem with a female being involved in the leadership of the church (in whatever kind of associate role that is), it is just that we Evangelicals have labeled that as “directors” instead of “pastors”, but the function is the same, and the call and gifting is the same. Anyway, the video below is an introduction to a movement of Presbyterians who are coming out of the PC (USA) who they consider to be too socially (and thus theologically) liberal in many instances (but as I said, our church continues to maintain its PCUSA status):

A Shared Mission: The Fellowship of Presbyterians & ECO from Fellowship of Presbyterians on Vimeo.

[Here’s ‘The Fellowships’ website: click]