This Theme?

Is this theme too feminine?



  1. Since there is nothing wrong with women / femininity, I’ll go ahead and say that it isn’t feminine enough!


  2. I’ll take that as a yes, Travis ;-).


  3. Bobby, I liked the old format better. This new masthead is taking up almost half of my screen – it was better on the side. Also, your other format was more serious/thoughtful and was in harmony with the content. Did you make a typo on your “join others”? It used to say 700+ and now 100+.


  4. Steve,

    I am tired of that other template, but this one definitely has draw backs as well; the font is too small, I think.

    No, no typo, I just disconnected my blog from my Facebook account; the 700 number reflected all of my friends on Facebook; so not reflective of the real number of followers I have. The 121 number is the true blog followers number.