Chief of Sinners; Compassion For the Least of These

Do you ever look out on your brothers and sisters, and even the masses, and feel compassion (like Jesus did)? Good, that means you have the same Spirit that anointed Jesus’ humanity, and this shepherdmeans that the Spirit indwells you causing a participation of your humanity with the definitive humanity of Jesus Christ. Simply put, this means that the love of Christ has been shed broadly in your heart.

It is this compassion that I, at points (when the Spirit is most intense), feel when I look at others; I know that when I feel like this, when I have this perspective, that the Spirit, and the humanity of Christ (which grounds my humanity) is most vibrant—because I can self-reflectively (Spirit-led) realize that I would never feel such compassion for anyone ‘out there’ other than myself. left to myself.

It is this sense of compassion that (sometimes) motivates me to study and read. I mean I am very lost myself, and I need direction; and in this pursuit of understanding, it seems that an overflow occurs. I think that as the Spirit makes clear at how aloof I am, that the salvation that has come in Christ becomes ‘Great’! And it is out of this sense of need in my own life, that the compassion of Christ reposes most; I realize that I am no different than anyone else, and yet I also realize (by the Spirit) that I am experiencing (in Christ) something so unique and soul-satisfying, that it is of the sort that I cannot simply keep it to myself. I want to share, and hope that you want to share what the love of Christ is accomplishing in your life.

This post might become somewhat melodramatic if I don’t curtail it a bit by closing it with what I believe is at the crux of what I would like to share with you. What I would like to share with you is that God is love; not an warm and fuzzy concept, but love that is brutally cross-shaped; love that takes no thought of itself, and puts the other first, to the point of death; love in the sense that no law can be constructed that can overshadow it; love that is for us, not against us; love that is shaped by a Father-Son relationship instead of a Judge-Plaintiff one.

If you don’t have some sort of sense of compassion for others (as a Christian), then where is Christ? Not a sense wherein you think you are better than the other, in fact the exact opposite; a sense of compassion that flows from a heart that realizes you are the chief of all sinners.

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4 Responses to Chief of Sinners; Compassion For the Least of These

  1. Thanks for sharing from the heart, Bobby.
    I really appreciate it and feel the same as you do.
    I am such a sinner, yet I am so loved by God still.
    It’s unbelievable.

    P.S. I am almost done reading How To read T.F. Torrance:)
    I’m learning a lot just reading an intro to his theology.
    Can’t wait to start reading him directly!


  2. Bobby Grow says:

    Thanks, Juan.

    Look forward to hearing what you think of TFT once you finally engage with him directly :-).


  3. Cal says:

    Suppose it ought to be noted that compassion is not the same thing as liberal pity/nicety. Liberal pity would look at the broken, lost and perplexed and say, “awww, we need to help those people out. We need to be do-gooders”. Compassion can’t say anything but a groan, because it feels like your intestines want to be outside your body. Exactly like you said, not fuzzy or warm, but brutal and cruciform.



  4. Bobby Grow says:


    Yes, we are not looking from self-salvation, and self pity; but from God’s salvation in Christ where we can truly look away from ourselves and not hold onto ourselves, thus allowing us to truly care and experience the effulgence of God’s compassion for us and others as the life of Christ transforms our desires and cares by and into his.


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