Comments Off, For the Most Part

I almost have no motivation left for blogging. I enjoy writing my thoughts out still, but as far as spending time engaging in comments (which doesn’t actually happen that often anyway, anymore); not so much. I have been blogging pretty consistently since 2005 (wow, 8 years!), and I intend on continuing to probably blog. One thing that I am going to change though (and I am doing this on a whim, so I could change back), is that I am going to turn off comments on particular posts. There might be some, in particular, that I wouldn’t mind getting more feedback on, but for the most part I think I will leave comments off on most posts. This is mostly for time concerns (which I really don’t have much of), and because I am just not motivated to argue or even spend time in the comment sections. That said, I still want to get my thoughts out by writing them out, because it slows me down and makes me think about them; and so I will continue to blog. But you will have to take my posts on a post by post basis to see whether the comments are going to be opened (most of them won’t have comments open, which functionally doesn’t make much difference, since most don’t comment anymore anyway). My posts all stream through to my Facebook wall automatically, so if you must comment on something, then become friends with me on FB, and we can engage there, a bit. Or if you really want to correspond with me about something in a post, then you can always email me at:

Blessings in Christ

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