Die Evangelischen Theologen: Travis’ Barth Book Writing Contest

My long time blogging friend, [W.] Travis McMaken, PhD Princeton, and the one who originally introduced (along with Halden Doerge–almost on the same day, it was ordained) me to Thomas Torrance, is having a westminsterkarlbarthwriting contest for his blog. The winner will get a  copy of The Westminster Handbook to Karl Barth. Here’s what Travis writes in the first half of his post alerting us to this contest:

That’s right, folks! This is your chance to win a free copy of the newly publishedWestminster Handbook to Karl Barth (WJK, 2013) edited by Richard Burnett. This looks like a very handy volume for folks starting out in Barth studies, or who are interested in a more thematic presentation of Barth’s thought.

Westminster John Knox was kind enough to send DET a review copy of the book. Luckily for you, gentle readers, they did so about a week after I had received my pre-ordered copy. So now I’m giving you a chance to get a free book. Here’s how this is going to work…

To become eligible for the prize, you will need to send a short (500-750 word) “essay” (blog post, etc.) in response to the prompt:

Why and / or how (i.e., in what manner) should Karl Barth remain an important theological voice in 21st century theology? (click here for the rest of Travis word’s)

So if you are a budding Barth scholar in the making, or just want to know more about Karl Barth and his theology out of intrigue; then I challenge you to submit a short essay (I mean really, 500 words is a page of written script … so not much) to Travis, and his blog Die Evangelischen Theologen; you just might become the lucky winner of a brand new shiny copy of The Westminster Handbook to Karl Barth. Good luck, and godspeed!  Oh, and don’t shoot your eye out kid …

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4 Responses to Die Evangelischen Theologen: Travis’ Barth Book Writing Contest

  1. WTM says:

    Cheers, Bobby!

    I maintain that I was before Halden…


  2. Bobby Grow says:

    Cheers, Travis!

    It was an apocalyptic event, so it wasn’t really all that linearly oriented … or it may have been both you and Halden at the same time in the same way–a dialectic reality.


  3. Mario Lopez says:

    Bobby I been reading your blog for a while thanks for the articles they been very helpful. Can you recommend me a book about predestination and election written by Torrance. Thanks. I will get your book


  4. Bobby Grow says:

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks. I think Torrance’s two volumes Incarnation & Atonement will give you a very good idea on TFT’s view here–he offers an extended treatment on election in his book Incarnation, so I’d go there first. And then, yes, our book gets into it too; Myk Habet’s chapter in particular.


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