Blog Name Change, Well, Sort Of

Alas, I have changed the name of my blog, well kind’ve. I thought it would be fun to use the French for ‘the evangelical calvinist’, and so we have: le calviniste évangélique. My wife is a fluent French speaker, and the slang and pejorative language against Calvin by the Lutheran’s would have been heard by him in his French tongue (or maybe the Latin)–i.e. calviniste. Anyway, just a change.

Also, since I am doing a little housekeeping, I was going to start yet another blog, but I had a good friend chide me for doing so and I think he was right. And so I will just try and post here what I was going to solely focus on there; that is, issues surrounding suffering and Christian theology. That blog had a home at this address, I have an introduction post over there explaining what I intended on doing there, but I will just do it all here. Here’s the link to that blog I WAS going to start:

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9 Responses to Blog Name Change, Well, Sort Of

  1. Bowman says:

    Methinks, Bobby, that l’évangéliste calviniste may be still more apt. I look forward to your posts wherever they appear.


  2. Bobby Grow says:

    Do you think so, Bowman? Seriously? I don’t know French, my wife wasn’t sure how to translate it into French, and so I had to use google translate.


  3. Bobby Grow says:

    Wouldn’t évangéliste be ‘evangelist’ though? And my wife was saying that the way I have the syntax currently would be correct as far as she knows. Maybe I should stick with the English ;-).


  4. Bill Ford says:

    Bobby, I have always thought “The Evangelical Calvinist” to be a great name. It compliments the name of your book, and is easily pronounced, whereas, your alternative is . . . well, French. Ne pas tanguer le bateau,


  5. Steve says:

    Regarding your coming thoughts on suffering, consider the difference between suffering for or in Christ vs. general suffering not related to Christ. There are many comforting words in Scripture regarding suffering but most seem to relate to suffering because the afflicted were Christians. When suffering comes that seems unrelated to being a Christian, are the comforting words of Scripture still applicable? I have some thoughts of my own, but would appreciate yours.


  6. Bobby Grow says:


    Yeah, it is somewhat of a burden, though, being ‘The Evangelical Calvinist’. Serious.


  7. Bobby Grow says:


    I think there is always hope for the sufferer in Christ. If your question has to do with suffering in general, and the plight of all humans; I don’t think a non-Christian can be comforted in the same way as a Christian. They have no genuine hope, they have to create a false self-assured hope. I experienced this on a daily basis when I was in the chemo clinic. It had to be the most draining part of that whole experience; i.e. listening to how people would try to comfort themselves, and to do so w/o Christ … even when I was offering Him to them.


  8. Bowman says:

    Bobby, that was a jest and a compliment. Your wife and Google have the translation right, but I have the folk ontology right– your evangel seems more criterial for your calvinism than your calvinism for your evangel. “Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point.”

    Meanwhile, wherever you post it, I’m reading what you write on suffering.


  9. Bobby Grow says:

    Bowman, indeed, it is the evangel that qualifies our type of Calvinism…. good eye ;-)! Now how do you know French?

    I’m glad I have some who will follow me wherever I go :-). Well, maybe not wherever! But you know what I mean.


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