Karl Barth, I wonder if Jacobus Arminius would have been interested? A Proposal.

arminiusprintBoth of these quotes are going to be significant for some research I intend on doing in the very near future; significant towards a proposal I will be submitting some down the line. A proposal that will have to do with Karl Barth and Jacobus Arminius. (I will get into what I am talking about, as far as a proposal after it has been submitted, and the conclusion to it reached). Here is Karl Barth:

…the perfection of God’s giving of himself to man in the person of Jesus Christ consists in the fact that far from merely playing with man, far from merely moving or using him, far from dealing with him as an object, this self giving sets man up as a subject, awakens him to genuine individuality and autonomy, frees him, makes him a king, so that in his rule the kingly rule of God himself attains form and revelation. How can there be any possible rivalry here, let alone usurpation? How can there be any conflict between theonomy and autonomy? How can God be jealous or man self assertive? (CD I I/2, p. 179)


Genuine freedom as it is realized in Jesus is not a freedom from God but a freedom for God (and, with that, a freedom for other human beings). ‘ To the creature God determined, therefore, to give an individuality an autonomy, not that these gifts should be possessed outside Him, let alone against Him, but for him and within his kingdom; not in rivalry with his sovereignty but for its confirming and glorifying’ (CD I I/2, p. 178).

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