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600 Words on the Israeli, Palestinian Conflict: A Genuine Ethical Dilemma

Let me say something about the current conflict in Israel and Gaza
(with Hamas). A couple of days ago I had correspondence with a friend on Facebook about this issue, and I seemed to be intimating that Israel’s attack on Gaza was warranted; that if they don’t attack, at some gazakidspoint they will run out of their ‘Iron Dome’ rockets, and all of these thousands upon thousands of missiles being shot by Hamas from Gaza will eventually break into the Israeli society and wipe it out.

Even as I write this I still remain conflicted. There are many layers that need to be considered I think, but one layer stands out as utmost important! That layer has to do with the many innocent children being killed by the Israeli bombs coming into Gaza in order to wipe out Hamas and their military complex. My genuine ethical struggle with all of this has to do with, of course, trying to negotiate through the various realities at play in this scenario. I am unsure who to blame, actually I am not. Ultimately, in my view, Hamas is to blame. When CNN shows pictures and videos of children who have been killed or severely injured by Israel’s bombing campaign, I immediately get this visceral emotional reaction that wants to blame Israel. And yet in the background I can hear the missiles (figuratively) being fired from Hamas towards Israel even as the camera is panned in on this little innocent Palestinian child or teenager.

Somehow the tables have been turned. Israel internationally is being painted as the colonizer and Palestine as the natives being held under oppression. But historically, if that’s how we want to proceed, who was in Israel first? And who was dispersed first? The Palestinians or the Jews? But I don’t think answering this question is really going to settle the ethical on the ground dilemma we are being faced with. We have Hamas who has hi-jacked the Palestinian state, and thus, in many ways, the Palestinian people; and then we have the state of Israel trying to protect their nation from Hamas, and from those surrounding nations (Iran, etc.) who use Hamas as a proxy in order to accomplish the Islamic objective of wiping Israel off the face of the map. We have Hamas firing thousands upon thousands of missiles into Israel with the intent of indeed destroying Israel, and then we have the nation of Israel responding in kind, and with more force (because of their capabilities) with the goal of stopping Hamas and Iran, and others from annihilating them. We have the United Nations and others attempting to paint Israel as committing genocide, and ironically comparing the Jews to the Nazis, and creating a Palestinian ghetto; and yet we have Israel, again, not naïve to the reality that it is do or die for them. We have Hamas building their whole military complex behind and literally under the Palestinian neighborhoods, and then we want to piss on Israel for attempting to root this intolerable reality out, this cancer of Hamas who are using their own people, their own children as political pawns and martyrs (which is how they would look at it) as shields and talking points to accomplish their goals.

And then at the end of the day we still have the little Palestinian boy who I just saw on CNN all bandaged up because of the response by Israel, and it is too much to bear. The moment Israel runs out of Iron Dome missiles we will have the same pictures of little Israeli children in the hospitals too. I don’t see an answer to this dilemma, but save Jesus Christ and his bodily return!


Written by Bobby Grow

July 19, 2014 at 12:18 pm

Posted in Ethics