Rambling About my Blogging and Theological Slump

I have almost lost all motivation for blogging, it isn’t what it used to be when I started back in 2005 (wow! over 9 years ago now)! Life has gone on, things have been changing in my life, and my time is almost totally used up for other things at the moment (primarily training with the railroad, which is ongoing for another 4 months, at least!). But it is more than that, in some ways my urge to even read theology is almost totally dried up for some reason as well. I think the primary reason for that, at the moment (I don’t see this is a forever reality), is that I have no personal outlet. I have no one to disciple (which I have been doing in the past in informal and formal ways with various guys etc), I am not around anyone who is really interested in fellowshipping around the truths of Scripture and theological reality. I have attempted to do stuff at a couple of different churches we have attended over the years, as far as teaching etc., and it just has never gotten off the ground; even if I was approached to do so more than once at one particular church. I don’t really no what it is, but nothing has ever opened up for me at church. Part of my problem, that way, is that we have largely been affiliated with denominations that are low church, anti-intellectual (and use this for lack of better term), and who don’t place a high premium on theological education for church people and/or discipleship and Christian education. But really, I have been deeply motivated in the past to read and think theologically because of the community of God, the church, and my connection with them; and with folks within that community who are thinker types, or just types who are on fire for Jesus and can’t get enough insight on him, and who can’t get enough of their questions answered.

Anyway, I am just venting right now, and being real. I can never really imagine a time when I won’t be theological in my orientation, it is how the Lord has wired me for sure (I’m just a Christian really)! And even when I don’t feel like reading theology, per se, I always do, because I know that even in these slumps  I need to keep pushing forward and growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ; and I need to be prepared for whenever the Lord might want to use me next (even if that means primarily at his coming, I don’t know).

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  1. drumsareme says:

    Hey Bobby ! Appreciate the honest blog. I must admit, i think you’re really busy because you haven’t responded to my post on email lately….Lol
    I think the western church is going through some pretty radical changes atm, and maybe the lack of involvement is a healthy thing and not a bad thing !?
    I’m definitely receiving a lot from your posts and i actually have a lot of questions that i’d like answered ! Lol

    Bless you lots Bobby.



  2. I often feel discouraged myself. But whatever else happens, I urge you to keep writing!


  3. Bill Perkins says:

    When I go through those dry seasons with Theology it’s usually because I’ve asked theology to do more than it can. So I know that instead of drawing from ‘knowledge about God’ I need to take a step back and allow God, His Word to be my source. It happens more easily and more frequently than we realize. On the other hand, I think you should be writing full-time. In light of that, don’t underestimate the power of warfare as well. You’re in my prayers.


  4. Kevin Davis says:

    I think your point about the church community is enormously important. The opportunities that I’ve received to teach in the local church setting have been of inestimable importance, both personally/spiritually and intellectually. I happen to have been involved in an Ev. Free church that fostered and encouraged doctrinal teaching, especially for adults, and I have found the same in my current Presbyterian church, not to toot my own horn. Both churches have a broadly Reformed orientation, which is slightly odd for the Ev. Free church (though the EFCA prides itself on its theological diversity). This is not necessarily exclusive to Reformed-type churches, since I know of Lutheran and Anglican churches that are nearly identical to our own: solidly Protestant, while generously evangelical and catholic, with a healthy concern for reaching every age demographic.

    But the sort of churches that simply lack this necessary strength and encouragement, in terms of doctrinal vitality, are obviously the decidedly low church and pop-charismatic, which are the primary ingredients for the mainstream of evangelicalism today. There are great people in these churches, including folks that know their Bible better than I ever will and, more importantly, folks who live by the Spirit better than I ever will. All the same, I am at a point that it would be nearly impossible to belong to such a church.

    I will pray for your continuing journey. I hope that the train employment works well. Just so you know, there is a whole sub-genre of country music devoted to train songs! Oh yes! Johnny Cash was especially fond of trains. It doesn’t get cooler than that.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there, Bobby! “Man makes his plans, but the Lord directs his steps.” Pro. 16:9


  6. Jerome says:

    Hang in there, Bobby. “Man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps.” Pro. 16:9


  7. Bobby Grow says:


    Thanks. Yeah, pretty busy indeed! I think being involved in church is a special thing, no matter the state of the church. But the Lord could be protecting me from something!


    Thanks! Oh, I’ll always write, I have to, it is how I learn primarily! 🙂 Plus, I’m under contract with Myk Habets for a second volume Evangelical Calvinism book :-)! Keep up your good blogging!

    @Hi Bill,

    Yeah, that could be part of it! But I am consistently in Scripture, and have been everyday for the last 20 years almost (I read through it at least a couple of times a year, typically). And I do believe that there is always spiritual warfare going on to one degree or another! Thanks.


    Good words! Yeah, I actually don’t think theology can be rightly done w/o being enmeshed in the community of God’s people; we need each other to know God.

    And your note about pop-evangelicalism is right; and yet, as you also note, there are some God loving Bible reading people in evangelicalism all over the place. It is my ecclesial experience, but unfortunately it is clearly going side-ways a bit, w/o any grounding in theological reality and teaching (it used to have that it was called the Fundamentals of the faith).

    Working with the RR will be cool once I get through the training! And Johnny Cash was the man, so that’s cool. I know there are a whole bunch of people out there who love trains and the RR, it represents a romantic affair with Americana and the American experience (moving West etc), I think. It is a cool job overall!


    Thanks, Jerome!


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