An Open Apology to Rachel Held Evans

This is an apology ‘letter’ (post) to Rachel Held Evans, in regard to the tone that I used in a post of mine that I regret writing now (this one); not because I think there are not some material theological considerations that Evans and I, and a host of others could discuss, but because the way I presented my reflection on her post about ‘Abraham and Isaac’ was indeed patronizing and presumptuous on my part. So Rachel, please accept this apology from me; will you? I never should have attempted to engage with you the way that I did. Please forgive me?

Rachel, some people in the comments have asserted that my opening clause to that post of mine was misogynistic, because I used the word ‘girl’ in reference to you. I can assure you that I as the author of that phrase and word had no intention of using it misogynistically; that never even crossed my mind when I wrote that. I simply thought it was a clever sounding turn of a phrase (at the time) that I was opening my post up with. I am not misogynistic (just ask anyone who knows me), and again, never intended to use that phrase in that way. I also apologize for that, if indeed it came off that way to you.

Anyway, Rachel, again, I am sorry for the tone of my post, and the way that I construed it. I do not know you personally (of course!), and so for me to make the leaps in judgment that I did about you personally, were unwarranted and uncalled for. I should have left any response I might have had to your post at the material theological and ‘critical’ level, and allow the merits of such a response to speak for themselves (if any). I realize that many of your readers (who have been commenting here at the blog, or just visiting it because of that post of mine) will probably think this apology is too little, too late; but I hope you don’t.

I am a passionate guy, and sometimes I type before I think enough. I have been blogging consistently since 2005 on primarily academic theological themes, but I have had moments where I have gotten caught up in the moment too quickly, and made blunders of posts that I have had to ask forgiveness for as well (this is not a common practice of mine J).

I have no doubt that you love Jesus Christ, Rachel, it is just that we have some fundamental methodological differences in our disparate approaches toward understanding what that looks like. My usage of hyperbole and melodramatic speech in my post, again were uncalled for, and should never have been made. Again I apologize.

The peace of Christ and His Strength,

Bobby Grow

PS. I have tabled that original post because I think it causes more distraction than good, and so I think it is better to simply remove that post.

7 thoughts on “An Open Apology to Rachel Held Evans

  1. Thanks so much for reaching out, Bobby. That means a lot. Of course I accept your apology. And as a blogger who has had to issue a few of those herself, I know it’s not an easy thing to do. 🙂

    We may see things differently, but I’d break the bread of communion with you in a heartbeat, as the presence of Christ has a way of putting our differences in perspective.

    I appreciate your humble self-reflection here, and look forward to staying in touch.

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  2. Thank you, Rachel, you are a generous and gracious sister … I really appreciate that you accepted my apology! I am humbled! 🙂

    And I too, would break the bread of holy communion with you anytime! I look forward to staying in touch, and getting to be part of that iron sharpening iron process with you as we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ with the church catholic!

    Thanks again. mea culpa!


  3. What would that accomplish at this point, Bart? It is just time to move on. Nothing is being perpetuated. I linked the apology to that original post, so if anyone comes across it in the future they can see how the whole thing played out.


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