Please Brittany Maynard, Don’t! Jesus Loves You

I continue to think about the pending physician-suicide of Brittany Maynard (remember I already wrote about this situation here). Brittany is a young lady holysaturday(29 years old) who was recently diagnosed with a ‘terminal’ brain tumor. This is a terrifying thing, I understand what it feels like! But despite the terrifying nature, and the subsequent suffering that attends such a diagnosis, death alone (as life) is the prerogative of the Son, of Jesus alone. He alone has the power to ‘freely’ make the decision to have his life snuffed out for others; this is not the prerogative of any of us, Brittany Maynard included. Look at what Arthur McGill has to say on the topic of death and life relative to Jesus:

Jesus’ death, moreover, is not a fateful fatality like the image of the automobile accident. It does not serve to show how humans, in spite of all their passion for life, can be wiped out in a moment’s notice. By his death Jesus does not represent the enormity of the power of death. On the contrary, he chooses to die. He lays down his life freely and deliberately, and he does so in accord with God’s own will. Jesus’ death is just the opposite of an unexpected, unforseen auto accident. For the New Testament there is absolutely nothing accidental at all about Jesus’ death. It belongs to his conscious purpose; it is grounded in God’s loving will. Far from proclaiming the mutilating power of death (as does a nuclear bomb), Jesus’ death takes death out of the demonic and makes it an event informed by the free decision of this man and by the graciousness of this God.

— Arthur McGill, “Death and Life,” 46

Death is not in control, God is! Death is a relational concept, it is a cutting off from life (who alone is God). In other words, death, in the Bible has never been framed as non-existence; it has always been understood in terms that are relative to life. So that to be dead is to be cut off from life itself. Death is to be in a state that asserts itself in a way that only God can; which is to say that life is always a “received” reality (for example the Son receives His life from the Father, the Father from the Son and the Father and Son from the Holy Spirit). To die, then, is to be “cut off” from this receiving (relationally), but to live is to rise again in the Son, and entrust ourselves into his hands whatever may come. To submit to the will of the Father, that we are not our own but have been bought with a price, the blood of Jesus Christ.

If the above is true, then it is not okay for Brittany or anyone else to choose to take their lives ‘early’, no matter what the circumstances. To do so is equal to putting ourselves in the position that belongs to the eternal Son of God alone; he is the only one in human history who can freely and rightfully choose to die for others that life might come through resurrection.

I continue to pray that Brittany will change her mind, and that if she does not have a relationship with God through the Son, Jesus Christ, that she will deny herself take up the cross and follow Jesus!


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4 Responses to Please Brittany Maynard, Don’t! Jesus Loves You

  1. Joseph Stans says:

    Indeed. However, Jesus should have thought about it a little more carefully before he sent her the enormous tumor that ravaged her brain. You say that “if the above is true then it is not OK…” – well sunshine it is not true and you can dance you pagan dance and shout your pagan hymns and prayers to the rafters. Just keep it to your self. Your brand of crazy is no different than a lunatic having a conversation with lamp post.


  2. Bobby Grow says:

    Joseph Stans,

    I lived through this terminal cancer, I should have died, but I didn’t. I speak from experience; do you?!


  3. Bobby Grow says:

    Not only that Joseph Stans, what is crazy is rejecting Jesus w/o any proof, such as you do! That is crazy my friend, I’ll pray you one day will become a fool for Christ, just like me. He saved me from my cancer, he holds my life in his hands just as he holds Britanny’s, and yours. You will see someday, one way or the other.


  4. Bobby Grow says:

    Jesus didn’t send the tumor, the tumor came because we live in a world that has chosen rebellion towards God. Jesus came, and at the cross he set the world to rights; the day is coming soon when all of that makes sense. For now we walk by faith not sight.

    And Joseph, you have no arguments to substantiate your rage against God. You’re just mad about living in a jacked up world, and so you blame the only one who can make things right! And you call me crazy … huh!


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