I’m a Fundy Again! [apparently]

Apparently I am a Christian Fundamentalist again. Someone I “know” (electronically) through years and years of interaction via social media (like right here at the blog) has kind of provided a genealogy of my theological development over the past many years as he has watched me move to and fro; the genealogy was provided, on a Twitter comment thread that I stumbled upon. To my surprise it was all about me; I feel special.

The primary reason this friend has labeled me a Fundamentalist again, is apparently, because he has perceived with powers that I must not have, that I have moved back to an inerrancy position of Scripture. But surely this is a wrong conclusion. I mean I know that I am way more “conservative” than this friend of mine when it comes to a doctrine of Scripture, and biblical criticism; but dang, I am still an evangelical Christian after all! And this is why I am somewhat surprised at my friend’s conclusion about me; I have always maintained my evangelical identity, even as I have twisted and turned in my theological development. But twisting and turning theologically is what evangelical Christians have the freedom to do, in fact I think it is the best of what evangelical Christianity has to offer; the ability to move where Scripture leads, as we continuously grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Anyway, I just thought it was kind of funny that I was being called a Fundy again, simply because I am not as “Liberal” as my friend; at least when it comes to a doctrine of Scripture and an attendant text and historical critical apparatus relative to biblical studies.

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  1. Nathanael Johnston says:

    Alvin Plantinga definition of a fundamentalist is still the best and fits your situation to a T.

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