I Am Going to Cross-Post Between Here and Medium

I am going to cross post between my blog here and Medium. Medium, I am realizing is just another type of social media, like Facebook (with more space), to get exposure for stuff you write. Most of you aren’t following me over there, and I don’t blame you (it is more cumbersome than I realized–It looks like you have to actually create a Medium account in order to follow me over there). So just pretend like I never told you about Medium, unless you want to read me over there. Whatever I post here, I will cross post over there, for more exposure.

Thanks for hanging with me. I’m still here for you. I have more than 200 followers here, and hardly any of you came over with me to Medium. Plus, I didn’t realize you couldn’t really make comments on Medium (which is cheesy).

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4 Responses to I Am Going to Cross-Post Between Here and Medium

  1. Heather says:

    Glad you changed your mind. 😀

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  2. Medium is, if you will, an unsocial medium. It works well for those who post interestingly but seldom and for no defined audience.


  3. Bobby Grow says:

    Yep, agreed, Bowman.


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