An Evangelical Calvinist ‘Father’ on God as Love and Triune Savior

Scottish theologian, Hugh Binning (1627–1653), a young guy who died too soon, is one of our Evangelical Calvinist theological fathers. scottish-theologyWe have included some of what he had to say in regard to the Trinitarian nature of the ‘Good News’, and its Christward focus in one of our Evangelical Calvinist theological theses that you will find in chapter fifteen in our Evangelical Calvinism book. Let me quote him, and you will see why we think he is such a rich and edifying thinker. He writes of the Triune reality, and God as love and Savior in this way:

. . . our salvation is not the business of Christ alone but the whole Godhead is interested in it deeply, so deeply, that you cannot say, who loves it most, or likes it most. The Father is the very fountain of it, his love is the spring of all — “God so loved the world that he hath sent his Son”. Christ hath not purchased that eternal love to us, but it is rather the gift of eternal love . . . Whoever thou be that wouldst flee to God for mercy, do it in confidence. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, are ready to welcome thee, all of one mind to shut out none, to cast out none. But to speak properly, it is but one love, one will, one council, and purpose in the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, for these Three are One, and not only agree in One, they are One, and what one loves and purposes, all love and purpose. [Hugh Binning cited by Thomas F. Torrance, Scottish Theology, 79.]

Refreshing Stuff.

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