The Evangelical Calvinist at Patheos

The Evangelical Calvinist blog (this one) is in the process of transitioning into being a Patheos blog (and part of that network). I am getting all of my paper work in, and I would imagine that in the next few days or so (week?) when you try to come here you will be redirected to The Evangelical Calvinist over at Patheos at its new url etc.

I will provide an update when the time comes for the actual transition. Make sure to stay with me as this transition happens! Thank  you faithful readers!

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6 Responses to The Evangelical Calvinist at Patheos

  1. Juan C. Torres says:

    That’s awesome, Bobby! Look forward to the new site;)

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  2. whitefrozen says:

    Today Patheos, tomorrow the Huffington Post religion section! I jest.

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  3. Scot McKnight has a Patheos blog and a WordPress mirror blog–

    If Patheos is worthwhile, that may be the prudent path.


  4. Bobby Grow says:

    I could only hope, WF


  5. Bobby Grow says:

    Bowman, Scot McKnight is not a science professor; are you sure this other blog is actually his?


  6. Paul Bruggink says:

    The other blog belongs to a chemistry professor who identifies herself as “RJS” and does blogs on Jesus Creed around twice a week, usually by not always on the intersection of science.and religion.


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