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"The world was made so that Christ might be born."-David Fergusson

Merry Christmas and Happy Incarnation Day from Thomas Torrance

Here Torrance is speaking of John’s accounting of the Word made flesh:

. . . In its prologue it speaks of the Word made flesh, and that light sets the whole gospel as the revelation and reconciliation of God in Christ, but it then moves on from the prologue to speak all through of the Son in his obedience to the Father and in his fulfilment of the role of the servant. That belongs to the very nature of the case, for the incarnation of the Word means an incarnation in which the Word is not simply addressed to man from without but so enters into human existence that it becomes a word that is heard and appropriated by man, and a word that is answered for man by this man in the whole course of his obedient life. Thus within the incarnation, the Son is the fuller category, for the Son hears the word of the Father, and the son answers the Father by word and life, and the revelation mediated through the Son is the reveltion of the word (logos) which he has received from the Father and now speaks in the language (lalia)of man. Of all the books of the New Testament none more than the fourth Gospel presents Christ as the servant-Son obedient in everything to the Father, doing only those things that please him, and from beginning to end fulfilling his will. It is thus that he the Son declares, ‘exegetes’ the Father, and reveals him to and within human life on earth and in history. (Thomas F. Torrance, “Incarnation,” 67-68)

What a great Christmas truth! Our knowledge of God comes from within God’s life in Christ for us. This quote illustrates the importance of vicariousness,and how that coinheres with what Christ as mediator is all about. The incarnation is such a profound thing, that even the manger and its “hiddeness” become a vehicle for displaying the glory of God that culminates in the cross for us.

Merry Christmas!


Written by Bobby Grow

December 19, 2014 at 5:42 pm