What Do you the reader think about The Evangelical Calvinist Going to Patheos?

Yes, what do you think? If you read here please let me know. I am in the process of trying to get my paperwork into them, but it is harder than it seems since I don’t have a scanner or fax machine … so I have to go somewhere else to use a fax. Anyway, I would like to get your feedback on this move, even if you just lurk here. Let me know what you think about me moving to Patheos. I have had one reader and long time friend of the blog and me, let me know that he does not think it is the best of moves (i.e. because of commercialization, because it might make Evangelical Calvinism look “gimmicky” etc). Let me know what you think.

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19 Responses to What Do you the reader think about The Evangelical Calvinist Going to Patheos?

  1. Heather says:

    (Whines) You’re moving again?

    Mostly, I just dislike having to update contact info and try to follow sites that won’t show up on my WP reader. I don’t actually know anything about the Patheos network, but suppose it could be a positive or negative experience, depending on what stipulations they place on your writing. Accountability can be good…being able to reach a wider audience can be good…but not if the aforementioned gimicky commercialization will require your site to prominently display competing messages or if you have to conform in ways that ultimately undermine your convictions.

    And, you know, it might be good know beforehand whether they’ll let you change your blog theme every week or so 😛

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  2. Bobby Grow says:

    Well, Heather, this is a little bit of a different kind of move. Patheos has a huge network, and it pays (a little). So it is a little different. Thanks for the feedback.

    I’m still planning on doing it, but still wanted to hear from you guys. 🙂

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  3. Phil Lueck says:

    Dear Bobby,

    I am a fairly recent reader of your blog. I am in the process of reading your book. I think this move to Patheos is basically a good one as it will give you move visibility.



    Dr. Phil Lueck Prof. of Bible/Graduate and Continuing Education (ret.) University of Northwestern – St. Paul PELueck@live.com 651-482-0036 (H) 651-238-3998 (C)

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  4. Bill says:

    Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. The pros outweigh the cons. There are always aspects to be discerning about but that just goes with the territory of a larger scale. These reasons your friend gave are certainly not deal breakers. It’s time EC had a wider exposure, just be true to your convictions. A larger network can also be good accountability and will help you become a more careful writer.

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  5. Sorry, Bobby, first mug of coffee. My gut is outspoken at this hour of the morning. It has opposing mba-ish intuitions, but mostly loathes the idea.

    YES, be visible. Yay! Sell a $9.99 ebook on Amazon, so that others can spread the word for you. Your main barrier to visibility is not something wrong with your blog that needs to be fixed; it’s the high price and low publicity of the manifesto that your blog is about. The manifesto has star authors and broad appeal. If I owned Wipf and Stock, I would fire somebody, sign you up to write a book priced for wider distribution, and then promote it to make some money from actual readers.

    Readers– back me up on this! What difference would it make to your advocacy of EC if you could point your friends to a $9.99 Amazon book rather than a $100 library book?

    Patheos? Although I am subscribed to several Patheos blogs, I do not read any them, the best ones post less than they once did, and the other blogs ignore them. Is it me, or is something wrong in that neighborhood? Well, alright, HuffPost? Maybe, but…

    NO, this is not a fit, the decision may not be reversible, and if it isn’t you’re gonna be sorry. The proposition is impossible on the face of it. You can’t move a blog; you can only give Patheos use of the name ‘Evangelical Calvinist’ and supply it with copy. For some reason, most Patheos posts are shorter and fluffier than ‘Evangelical Calvinist’ posts. Patheos is Medium with ads and an ugly design.

    MAYBE, if you can have it both ways. Could you blog at Patheos as ‘Creation Growning” or something, but mirror your posts at the Evangelical Calvinist?

    Bottom line, my gut tells me three things. (1) Unless there is a large financial reward associated with a quick move to Patheos, there is no reason to make a move right now. (2) You would be happier taking a vow of stability to not change anything in the blog at all for a year or so. (3) Greater visibility will come from something besides the blog.

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  6. John Geerllings says:

    Hey, Bobby
    I am from the North, and for me you are great where you are. John

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  7. Second mug of coffee, breakfast, relative calm.

    Visible as what and to whom? Put another way, what problem does EC solve, and who would pay to get more of that solution? I see two answers.

    Some ‘nones’ and ‘dones’ might find EC attractive even though they find other variants of Christianity boring or repulsive. Presumably, the visibility that they need would bring EC closer to being a religion that one can practice with like-minded people who may be neither learned nor Reformed.

    Some learned inhabitants and sojourners in the Reformed blogosphere surely do find EC to be an even better way to be learned and Reformed than the alternatives. Presumably, the visibility that they need is apologetic that shows that it is still better than the alternatives.

    Can you be ‘visible’ without choosing between the two constituencies?

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  8. There are limits to how much one can do alone. What are you going to ask others to do to further your project?

    In Christ, the solitary sooner or later becomes social. A biblical faith is a system of alliances, a league of teams of players, a nation of tribes of clans of families. Even hermits living in caves who have seen the Light are required to come to church for communion.

    Make the ask. I literally do not know what I am writing about here, but there is something that someone somewhere could be doing to help that would make Patheos irrelevant.

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  9. Heather says:

    after taking a look around the Patheos community, I’d tend to agree with Bowman’s recommendation to seek an alternative route to boost readership.
    Not to say that God can’t make it work, but I’m thinking the Patheos layout is distracting and confusingly, generically spiritual. Income or no, you may risk becoming just another background voice in their clutter of opinions.
    FWIW, your writing here has often been beyond my comprehension, but the regular encouragement to keep Christ front and center has been invaluable in shaping my understanding and application of scripture. Craig’s too.
    Don’t discount the power of the invisible ripples which reach far beyond this blog’s immediate impact.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Patheos pages load/move slowly due to overwhelming advertising.

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  11. Brian MacArevey says:

    Pros and cons, honestly Bobby. I don’t know all of the details, but I’m not sure how this could be a bad move. Don’t over think it. It’s not like you can’t change directions down the line if things aren’t working out.

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  12. stevez says:

    Don’t know if it is a good or bad move, but I will read you regardless of where you land – I am always looking forward to what you post and can’t wait for your EC for dummies!! (even if you don’t call it that)

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  13. Bobby Grow says:

    Thank you for the feedback everyone, it is duly noted and I will take it into consideration. We’ll see.


    My time is so stretched at the moment (currently I get no days off from work … serious!) that pouring anymore energy into all of this than I already am through blogging and our next book (which is a huge venture, bigger than last time as far as contributors and chapters) just is not realistic. If people want to take what they pick up from EC and run with it, that would be great!

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  14. Bobby Grow says:


    I’m curious, what do you mean “a more careful writer?”


  15. Steve says:

    I agree with the writers who said to stay where you are. If you input Evangelical Calvinist or Bobby Grow into Google you come up where you are – so it is easy to find you. I occasionally read Roger Olson at Patheos and dislike all the commercials that surround the whole thing. Your site is a better example of “simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ” (2 Cor 11:3) – let the world come to you.

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  16. Bobby, are you riding trains a lot these days?

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  17. Bobby Grow says:


    Yes, too many!! I need some prayer about this, please. I have been working everyday (no really, everyday) with no days off, usually 12hours (at least) at a time pretty much since I have been on the yard extra board (over the last couple of weeks). It is not healthy, and out of control. As I type this I am exhausted, but it helps me to relax to be on the blog and writing etc.

    Anyway, please keep this whole thing in prayer!


  18. 2 Kings 6.17. We are praying for you, Bobby.

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  19. We should all meet.

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