The Evangelical Calvinist Podcast. Season 1, Episode 1: An Introduction

Addendum: The hyperlink below is now fixed. Click on the link below and you will be taken to: Season 1, Episode 1. Introduction to the Evangelical Calvinist Podcast. Let me know if there are any remaining issues.

I am going to start podcasting. The name of my podcast will be, what else?, but The Evangelical Calvinist (very original, I know). Anyway I hope to do podcasts at the very minimum on a weekly basis, if not on a bi-weekly basis. I hope I don’t bore you too much; hopefully the topics we cover and the way we develop them will overshadow the drone of my voice and make them interesting enough for you to continue listening. Here’s the link to my introductory podcast:

Click Here: Season 1, Episode 1. Introduction to The Evangelical Calvinist Podcast





  1. Over my head. Do you have to be on Facebook to tune-in to these podcasts? If so, is there a backdoor way to see/hear these? Is this a video or just audio?


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