Episode 6. The Evangelical Calvinist Podcast. EC and the TULIP

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Episode 6. The Evangelical Calvinist Podcast. EC and the TULIP




  1. Lol, thinking about the implications of a universal atonement makes me realize how Amyraldianism actually makes no sense. After all, if the atonement is universal then that would make Christ God’s yes to all of humanity, and therefore all of humanity is elected in Christ. It wouldn’t make sense for there to be a universal atonement but then for only a portion of humanity to be elected. Since I reject limited atonement, I guess I’m on my way to becoming Barthian in my doctrine of election.

    What would you make of Romans 9 though, especially where it is written, “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated”? That seems to suggest a particularity to God’s election.


  2. Sorry, this is Ivan from above. I forgot to enter my name when typing the above post.


  3. Hey Ivan,

    On Rom 9. Yeah, there is a dialectic in vocation, a dialectic that reflects God’s judgment and mercy/salvation. A picture of what God becomes in himself for us, for the nations, in himself, in Christ.