Prayer Request: unemployed

Please keep us in prayer. I have been working for Union Pacific Railroad over these last couple of years. The last many months (since Thanksgiving) I’ve been barely hanging on (business is very slow and they over-hired prior to the slow down). I will be laid off (they call it furlough because they can call you back if business picks up) most likely tomorrow. And things don’t look promising, as far as business picking up anytime soon. I can get railroad unemployment, but it is only half of what state unemployment is; so it is not livable for a family of four. We can probably make it for about a month, and then we will be out of funds. If you know of any employment that would be viable to support a family of four in this economy (in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area) please drop me an email. And please just hold us up in prayer. We’ve been through this before in our past, but this situation is particularly daunting. 

Thank you! 


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  1. Sorry son! I will continue to pray! You could sale cars, but now days it is not the paying job it use to be when i got into it. And if you don’t get into the right place then pretty cut throat!

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