Blogspotting Two Evangelical Calvinist Blogs

I would like to do a blog spotting post and highlight my new friend’s blog Reformissio. Jonathan Kleis is its founder and author, and I think you will be encouraged by what Jonathan is doing with his new blog; I am! Jonathan and his family have been missionaries (still are) in Italy, and he is just finishing up an MA in theology through Irish Bible Institute which is accredited by York St. John University, UK. To my great delight Jonathan is a proponent of evangelical Calvinism, and as you will see at his blog he is all about working out EC’s implications, and exposing people to EC’s trajectory and mood within the broader landscape of the Reformed faith. Please check out and subscribe to Jonathan’s blog, and be edified as you read the good things he will be communicating through it. One very exciting aspect of Jonathan’s online work is that he plans in the future to not only blog from an EC perspective in English, but he also plans on having an Italian version of his blog where he hopes to expose Italian speakers to the contours of thought offered by evangelical Calvinism.

Click here to venture over to Jonathan’s blog: Reformissio.

And then for his most recent post, which is kicking off a series, Jonathan is going to work out an EC version of the TULIP (something I have done here, but Jonathan is going to spell it out further than I did in my post). Reforming Calvinism, pt. 1: Introduction


I also wanted to highlight one other EC blog which is operated by Caleb Smith. Caleb’s blog, which has been around for awhile, is called The Nicene Nerd, and he has been about the work of articulating and promoting evangelical Calvinism for quite a few years now. It is encouraging to read his insights and the way he has and is appropriating EC, and its mood, for himself; I think you will benefit from reading his posts as well.

Click here to head over to Caleb’s fine blog: The Nicene Nerd.

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  2. Thanks for this Bobby! I appreciate the spot. I like the new look of the blog as well!

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  3. I also toss in my many thanks. I’ve been hoping to get in more conversation with other bloggers, and this makes my first notable step.

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