Blog Name Change: Other Reformed Theology

I have decided for various reasons to change the name of my blog; from now on it will be called Other Reformed Theology. It isn’t that I am not still an advocate for Evangelical Calvinism, or that I am not going to write about it; it is just that I think the language of Other Reformed Theology might well operate, for new and potential readers anyway, as language that is more inviting and less obtrusive than the EC language often can be upfront.

I have also been in some sort of weird dust up with another blogger, a newer blogger, who has mimicked my blog in many ways, and as a result of that, for various reasons, I felt the need to change the name of my blog; maybe we can explore some of those reasons at another time. But from now on my blog will be Other Reformed Theology; I think, actually, it might well prove to be an even more provocative title than the title I have had for the previous eight years.



  1. I look forward to reading your rich reads Bobby under your new banner ‘Other Reformed theology’ and by the looks of things the posts are still coming to my email address. thanks. 🙂


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