A Stream of Consciousness on Sin and the Good News in Christ

Sin is a surd; sin is inexplicable; there is no intelligible way to understand the inner life of sin. Yes there’s the long and classical privatio tradition of sin; there’s Barth’s  das Nichtige, which works from a component of the privative notion of sin, but has broader reach as its main focus is on evil in relation to God and God’s grace of election. This points up something important to note: Evil and sin are not synonymous, per se, nevertheless the former serves as the context in which the latter is fostered and cultivated; sin is like a symptom of evil, evil is like the cursed soil that gives rise to the weed of sin. Sin is the absence of God’s life, God’s righteousness; it is a relational and personal issue between the Creator and the creature. There is a kind of symmetry between grace and sin—even if it is more of an asymmetery—sin is like the negation of grace, or it wants to be, but the Incarnation of God in Christ the Logos ensarkos, the assumptio carnis of the Son won’t let sin negate his elected vicarious human being out of existence, into non-being as it would like. This is the Good-News, the evangel. The Son, as I John notes was revealed to destroy the works of the flesh, as the Apostle Paul says to condemn sin in His body and put it death, as John Owen says to bring the death of death. This is the Good-News that God became flesh, which is a mysterious thing, and in so doing he entered our poverty in his vicarious human being, and by His assumed poverty He made us rich by his riches in the new creation; the resurrection. Even though sin would like to snuff our human-being out, Christ’s human being is greater than he who is in the world, and we are sons and daughters of this God enfleshed for us. This is the Good-News, there is hope, and the hope has come uniting himself to us that we might be eternally united to Him by the Holy Spirit grounded unconditionally in His vicarious humanity; the humanity that is the aroma of life leading to life. The malignant triad of: the world, the flesh, and the devil (all activists in the cause of sin) have been overcome by the Grace-filled Triad of God’s life as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the Divine Triad has come for us in His own elected humanity for us, in Christ, and has taken the sting away from death, from the consequences of sin; He has ensured in Christ that our human beings are forever tied to His vicarious human being that is of the type that is an indestructible life (homoousios with the Father and Holy Spirit). He has so tied us into the love-knot of his Triune life that sin has no power over us; not only in the eschaton, but in the eschaton of God’s life now as it breaks in on us moment by moment, as the Sun of Righteousness comes with healing in His wings. amen.

An intentional rant and stream of consciousness.

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