Evangelical Calvinism: Volume 2: Dogmatics and Devotion has been released

You can now order our new coedited book from Wipf and Stock: Evangelical Calvinism: Volume 2 Dogmatics and Devotion. I think you will be blessed and encouraged by this book, and all of the awesome chapters we have for you in regard to filling out further what Evangelical Calvinism entails. What you will notice is how prominently the doctrine of the vicarious humanity of Christ is for us in EC, and I think that after you read the various chapters you will see how that all plays out. It is a volume written in a such a way that intends on answering pastoral types of questions, but at the same time still has its unique kind of theological edge. It’s a great volume, if I must say so myself, and I’m so happy to have worked with Myk Habets on its production; we plan on doing two more volumes (for a total of four). The book will be available through Amazon in two to four weeks, and Kindle in three to four months. Go take up a copy and read!

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