A Reflection on the Word of God

The Word of God. The Word of God has changed my life, and continues to. I have never known life outwith God’s Word in my life; I was surrounded by it and Him one way or the other since conception. I went long spans without being deeply saturated in it—in seasons of my youth—but this has not been the case over the last 23 years. God’s Word I have come to realize, by being in it every day, and it being in me, is more than the written Word; it is the living Word of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Word of God, and the written Word and proclaimed Word are derivations that find their ground and being in the living Word to whom they bear witness moment by moment. This is the reality of the Word I came to know simply by being in the Word; I did not fall in love with the Written Word nor the Preached Word, even though I was and am succored by them, I fell in love with the living Word; the Word who breathes life, moment by moment, afresh and anew, into the Written and Preached Words. I battle, by the grace of God, to dwell within the confines of the Written Word and allow it to serve as the holy ground upon which I encounter the living Word for me in Jesus Christ; my Savior.

Once I realized that the Written Word was only an embassy for something greater than itself I began to appreciate the Written (and Preached) Word that much more. The Written Word has its being, its ontology, outside of itself in the inter-council of God’s Triune life. This has taken the burden off of the Written Word to be more than it is; and has allowed it to operate in the relative freedom it has been granted, over and again, by its reality found in the resplendent life of the eternal Logos. When the Written Word of God is given its proper order, relative to God’s economy, it has the capacity to become the place where God speaks His own Words to me (and the church, of which I am a member); it becomes the place that is no longer under my control or my construction, but a place that is contingent upon the freedom of Divine grace. When the Written Word understood from a proper ontology, when it is not seen as a relic of human imagination, but instead as a gift given by God, who is obligated to no man, the Written Word gains the type of ascendancy it should have; one that is not contingent upon the text-critics, or the exegetes, or the theologians, but that is contingent upon the a se life of  God who has graciously and freely given His Word to and for the World. The World, and even the church in the world, does not have a say about God’s Written Word, not in regard to its reality, instead the Word is the One who has say about the World and the church in the World. In this way the Word is understood to be truly living. Not because it derives its life’s-breath from the Written Word, the Proclaimed Word, the World or the Church, but because the Word of God gives life to all else. The Word of God does need to be approved by anyone, and in this sense it is truly life giving and unique; it is all of this, because its reality and being are not of this world, even as it interfaces with this world over and over again; in this world’s phenomenal reality. But it remains untrapped by the trappings of this world insofar as the Word of God holds this world together by the Word of His Power.


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