‘If We Confess’

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. –I John 1.9

Without this passage as a paraclete I could not survive the Christian existence. It has been my soul-verse for as long as I can remember. I am a sinner, I confess, and I need the Savior on a moment-by-moment basis. Sometimes the intensity of my need rises when I find myself in the surd-moment of a heated sin. More than being irrational, sin is really the human incurved upon itself in all its asserted self-possessive inglorious ugliness. There is nothing pure or righteous that dwells in the inner-self, it remains uncured and unholy. I am just as much of a sinner today as I was when I was conceived in my mother’s womb. I have the same propensities for a variety of sins today as I did when I first came to Christ. There is a reason why the Apostle said to ‘reckon ourselves dead to sin’ and to ‘present our bodies [continuously] as instruments of righteousness unto Christ.’ The reason is that Jesus never came to repair anything, He came to put it to death; and that is exactly what He did in His body for us. And yet this points up the fact that we remain in these fallen bodies of death. We surely are mired in bodies of sin, even while at the same time finding our true being in the risen humanity of Jesus Christ. This is the power we have to actualistically reckon ourselves dead unto sin, to mortify our wanton desires in and through the vivification of the glorified blood of Jesus Christ. So, the good news is that there is hope, even while we our in the bloody battle of sin all our days.

Like you I sin, daily. I have my pet sins, some “bigger” others “smaller,” but sin plagues me nonetheless. Jesus knows this, in fact through John He tells us that if we claim we have no sin we are liars. It is better to be upfront about this, and yet at the same time not to wallow in the fact that we are lot of miserable yet redeemed sinners. We stand in the victory and power of the risen Christ. Even while death pulsates through the mortal members of our bodies, the life of Christ shines ever brighter, ever stronger than the death of sin. And so, we look to the ec-static reality of our lives in Jesus Christ; we look to the Holy Spirit to continuously surround us with the liberty of Christ, with the holiness of our High Priest, even as He sits at the Right Hand of the Father always living to make intercession for those who will inherit eternal life.

The reduction remains that no matter what our sins might be, no matter how heinous they might seem to us, we can rest assured that they were even worse before God. And yet because of who He is, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, He freely chose in Christ to assume sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. It is here that I flee to, I find refuge in this hope, knowing that I am dead and hidden in Christ, waiting anxiously for the revealing of the sons of God, only then to be relieved of this body of death. And yet the faith of Christ sustains me even in the midst of this great wait, I have hope knowing that I have the power of Immanuel’s veins running through mine, and in this I can say no to sin from the Yes and Amen of God for me in Jesus Christ. This is where I repose, sinner, yet justified as I am. ‘If anyone be in Christ, they are new creation, the old things have passed away, all things have become new.’

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