God’s Wrath Towards Sin: In Ontological Perspective

God is angry about sin, just to be clear. He judged sin, because there was actually a legal penalty associated with sin. But that isn’t the crux of what was judged. The crux was the ground, the source of sin; it has ontological depth. The human heart loves the darkness rather than the Light. It has competing affections that all are premised upon love of self. Unless this was put to death, and unless a new heart was re-created, the problem of sin wouldn’t have ultimately been dealt with. God surely hates sin, but only because He first loved us so much in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. God has wrath towards sin, but only because He loves His very good creation and desires fellowship and intimacy with us through the Son, Jesus Christ. Sin destroys and eats away at the very good creation, and as a result the good (or rest of) creation is corroded and thrown into chaos. The requirement then wasn’t simply a penalty paid—even if that is an outer aspect of the atonement—but a new heart created (cf II Cor 3; Ez 36). It is this inner reality, this depth ontological reality that was required if and fact creation was going to be elevated to its ultimate telos (purpose) in abiding and eternal fellowship within the bosom of the Father in union with Christ by the bond of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. This is beautiful! Not only is our salvation assured by the life and sacrifice of our Savior sealed by the earnest of the Spirit, but our story begins with Him in eternity past electing us in Him!
    Our Lord could demand of Job, “what part did you have in your own creation?” And Job is left dumbfound, his hands covering his lips before Holiness. We could ask of everyman, ” what part did you perform in your creation? What do you hope to discover by your own cleverness? See? The Creator of the galaxies had you in mind as He flung the stars yonder! Your name was written on his heart before He ever came to buy you from the sin which enslaves you! ”
    Thanks Bobby!


  2. Duane,

    Amen, what a real hope. And its real because it is contingent on God’s Word, who is Christ, and not our own self-projected wishes and/or hopes. God is God. I find comfort in that, especially as He has revealed Himself in the face of Jesus Christ; and for us!


  3. Bobby, if my comment relative to this post is puzzling that may be appropriate. It was intended to be a comment on your post “Barh’s Argument…”
    I had written the comment on break, not having time to proofread it, I copied it to my clipboard,, then later, pasted it to this post instead. Oops!

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