Avoiding the Confessional/Conciliar Reduction: The Scripture Principle

Matthias Grebe offers a good word on the potential problem of being hyper-confessional/conciliar (my phraseology), to the point that said confessions and conciliar determinations come to reduce and coopt the possibility for thinking with greater depth and criticality in regard to the implications of Scripture’s attestation to its depth reality in Jesus Christ and the […]

John Calvin, The Proto-Barth (and Torrance)?

Here is Charles Partee on imago Dei (Image of God) and imago Christi (Image of Christ): Having praised the original creation of human understanding and will, Calvin concludes that God is comprehended in Christ alone (II.6.4) until such time as we shall see God as he is (II.14.3). God cannot be known apart from Christ because “all thinking […]

A ‘Metaphysical Christ’ Simply Will Not Do

A purely alien Christ, a Christ over our heads, a “metaphysical Christ,” simply will not do. Karl Barth knew this, as did John Calvin: The real advance has obviously been made when we come to the INSTITUTIO of 1559, in which unio cum Christo [union with Christ] has become the common denominator under which Calvin tried to […]

A Degree

I just turned the following in to be examined for pass/fail. It is an Doctor of Philosophy of Publication dissertation, which until recently I didn’t even know were an option; but they are! I used my two personal chapters from our two Evangelical Calvinism books, and then worked them into apiece through the introduction and […]