A Running Thought on Biblical Inerrancy

I am still a doctrinal (fundamentalist) evangelical in many ways. On a doctrine of biblical inerrancy: I am so committed to the intent that “inerrancy” intends to communicate that I’m beyond an inerrantist. My view of Scripture is “contexted” Christologically and thus soteriologically such that any type of abstract philosophical frame for a doctrine of […]

Editor’s Note

A housekeeping note: most likely, unless I post a re-post, my forthcoming posts for the foreseeable future will be shorter than normal. I am still going through some heavy spiritual battle, that is also producing heavy mental anguish, and so that has been affecting my output here, as well as in other areas of life. […]

Balthasar. God and Scripture

I thought this quote, while speaking to another issue (Barth and Balthasar’s disagreement over key theological points), is apropos in regards to how Protestant Christians approach the scriptures, interpretively. It is interesting that we can look at the same scriptures, and come to such different conclusions — on certain points of dogma and theological emphasis. This quote […]

We Are Not Instruments Anymore than Jesus Is

The thing about being a co-heir with Christ is that you are not looked upon as a mere instrument in God’s hand anymore than the Son is. That is, you aren’t simply some dispensable tool the Lord uses and tosses away. No, He has adopted us into His very life, by grace; such that when […]