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Easter Before Good Friday: A Reflection on ‘The Creed’ by Karl Barth and Me

Was Crucified, Dead, And Buried, He Descended Into Hell How do you think of God revealed in Jesus? Do you primarily think of him through the lens of the cross? Then you might be a Western Christian (which most of us are). Or maybe you think of him primarily in and through the lens of […]

My PTS Mini-Paper on the Trinity: Christian Doctrine of God: God is One, God is Three, God is Three, God is One

*This is my mini-essay I just turned in for my mid-term assignment for my theology class at Princeton Theological Seminary (I wrote this quickly, so take it for what it is). God is one, the Father in the Son, the Son in the Father with the Holy Spirit . . . true enhypostatic Father, and […]

Guest Contribution, Derrick Peterson: A Panic of Joy: Union With Christ as the Skopos of Trinitarian Discourse

Here is our next guest contribution provided by a great brother and young emerging theologian and Christian scholar, Derrick Peterson. Derrick is finishing up his studies at Multnomah Biblical Seminary (my own alma mater), and is just a genuine dude who loves Jesus! I have only briefly met Derrick, a few years ago now, as […]

What do we know of evil and sin?: A Response to Open Theism from Christ Concentrated Theism

I have been having a quick discussion, once again, around the issue of so called ‘Open Theism.’ I had a “friend” on Facebook who is a strong proponent for Open Theism, so strong that he helped organize (I think) the first Open Theology theological conference (last year) that has ever taken place in the United […]

Guest Contribution, Bill Ford: Everyman? The Role of An/Enhypostasis

I have recently been getting to know Bill Ford, a great brother in Christ, and a real fan of the theology of Thomas F. Torrance. He has offered here an excellent short article on the role that the Patristic an/enhypostasis plays in the theology of Thomas Torrance, and indeed, this is something very important to […]

The Fifteen Theses of Myk Habets’ and Bobby Grow’s Evangelical Calvinism

My intention for this forum is to continue to have guest authors contribute pieces on their thoughts in regard to Evangelical Calvinism. So the invitation will remain open for any and all who are interested in contributing something, just email me at: To fill in the gaps–between guest contributors–my plan is to plunder the […]

Guest Contribution, Lawrence Garcia: Justification According to Works At the End of the Age: Sanders, Wright, and Torrance All Walk Into A Bar…

Here is our next guest contribution provided by Lawrence (Larry) Garcia. I met Larry a couple of years ago (maybe), where else, but on Facebook. He is a great brother, loves Jesus, and has become intrigued more recently with Thomas F. Torrance’s offering in particular. Larry brings an interesting perspective as he is also very […]

‘Israel is not a sick man who was allowed to recover, but One risen from the dead’: Jesus as Israel

Much like you will find in the work of Thomas F. Torrance in his recently published New College, Edinburgh lectures (Incarnation & Atonement, edited by his nephew, Robert T. Walker), Karl Barth in his coverage on The Apostles’ Creed in his small and accessible book Dogmatics In Outline highlights the dialectical relationship that the covenant […]

Using ‘Covenant’ as Heremeneutic

If God’s life can be construed as the Covenant of Grace (in His act to be for us in Christ, first in creation itself, then its exemplification and elevation in the Incarnation of Christ), then to suggest that because ‘Covenant’ as in ‘Covenant theology’ is not explicitly present in the text, and thus we should […]

My Unfinished Evangelical Calvinist Confession

*Here is a ‘confession’ I started to write just as I was being inculcated into evangelical Calvinism, in other words I wrote this, originally, probably back in 2009. Since then, if you are not aware, Myk Habets and I have coedited/written a multi-authored volume published by Pickwick Publications in 2012 entitled: Evangelical Calvinism: Essays Resourcing […]


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