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The Centrality of the Vicarious Humanity of Christ in the Theology of Thomas F. Torrance

This post will be a kind of an introduction to the theology of Thomas F. Torrance (Scottish theologian spanning from the 20th and 21st centuries). What I am going to share from him is a very succinct offering on how the nation of Israel functions as a centerpiece in mediating Christ to the world for […]

‘The Whole Life, Activity, and Passion of Jesus Christ’ as the Ground for Reading Scripture: With Reference to Thomas Forsyth Torrance

Reading Scripture and its practices continue to be very important to me. I am a Christian, as such I hold that the Scriptures have a certain and intended ontology; an order relative to its place within the economy of God and His Self-revelation in Jesus Christ. As such when I approach Scripture I approach it […]

Karl Barth, Romans 1:18-21. No Genuine Knowledge of God Apart from Radical Grace Conditioned by the Life of God in Christ With Us

As we read Romans 1:18-21 it would appear that there is some possibility for, at least, an inchoate ‘natural’ knowledge of God; that God’s invisible attributes which can be clearly seen should be opaque to the point that ‘whosoever wills’ could have some semblance of the true and the living God of Abraham, Isaac, and […]

Allow God to Tell His Own Story. Albrecht Ritschl, Karl Barth, and Thomas Torrance: A Better Way to do Genuine Christian Theology

Karl Barth is famous for wanting to think theological thoughts strictly and only after Deus dixit (‘God has spoken’); he is famous for his desire to do Revelational Theology. Thomas F. Torrance, in his own way, but in the wake of Barth is likewise famous for his desire to do Revelational Theology. They were both […]

Knowing God by God in Christ in Incarnation and Resurrection

Thomas Torrance has made the point that the Incarnation of God is a novum, that there in fact is no genuine analogy from creation from whence we can conceive of such a mysterious thing as God become man. As such, if we are going to think scientifically about God, and in particular, about God become […]

In Response to Richard Beck and Derek Rishmawy: Fundamentalists, Hermeneutics, and Sola or uh Solo Scriptura

In the past I have written much on a reality I was first introduced to in 1999 at Bible College; i.e. the reality that we all as Christian Bible interpreters have an interpretive tradition. Recently Richard Beck made the claim in regard to Christian Fundamentalism that, … we all have a hermeneutic. The only question […]

Any Other Gospel Other than the Trinitarian Gospel is a False Gospel

There are certain “Christian” belief systems that assert that the Trinity is a man-made distortion of who God is. They assert that Jesus is either: a creation of God, an exalted Angel, a demiurge, a mode or expression of the one God. They assert much more, and there are many more views of who Jesus […]


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