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33 Posts on Martin Luther: Remembering the 500 Year Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

In celebration of the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, I thought I’d share a link to my Martin Luther category here at the blog. Luther is probably my favorite Reformation theologian, and his theology of the cross has … Continue reading

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The Go Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Way of Reading the Bible: Robert Jenson Helping Us Read the Bible Confessionally Once Again

It isn’t that we haven’t referred to this at the blog before, but I like the way Robert Jenson discusses the futility of late-modern biblical scholarship’s enlightened drive to deconfessionalize their reading of Holy Scripture; as if they can read … Continue reading

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Appealing to Maximus the Confessor to Differentiate Evangelical Calvinism from Federal Theology: And Riposting at Michael Allen’s New Book Sanctification

I just started reading Michael Allen’s new book Sanctification, he refers to us and our Evangelical Calvinism book[s]; and as corollary seeks, in a way, to refute Thomas Torrance’s critique of Federal theology, of which Allen is a proponent. In … Continue reading

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Are Good Works Essential in a Protestant Faith Alone Understanding of Salvation? Considering the Soteriologies of John Piper, the Post Reformed Orthodox, and other Bilaterally Minded Salvationists

I originally wrote this post back in January of this year, but I wanted to share it again. I was about to write a brand new post on this issue, but I thought I should first do a search of … Continue reading

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A Response to Thomas Reid’s Speculative-man from Karl Barth’s non-Speculative man in Jesus Christ

A friend of mine on Facebook, who is a Thomist, theologian, and recently PhDd in such areas, shared this quote from philosopher, Thomas Reid, on his wall a couple of days ago. The vulgar are satisfied with knowing the fact, … Continue reading

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The Determination of the Church’s Witness as the Ground of Theology for the Church and the World: A Reflection Prompted by Robert Jenson

Theology is as Barth would intone early on in his Göttingen Dogmatics, Deus dixit ‘God has spoken.’ In other words, theology, genuinely Christian theology cannot be done from a prethought framework that comes as a prius to God’s speaking to … Continue reading

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Miscellanies. Jonathan Edwards’s Lockean Theology of the Affections

On the Edwardsean reification of Lockean ‘sensations’ and how that created a theology of affections for Jonathan Edwards and the evangelical outlook. The following quote will be less a post and more a bookmark for my future reference. If you … Continue reading

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How the Inner Life of God gives Structure, Depth, and Purpose to Creation in the Triune Economy of His Life for the Other

I like how John Webster relates a discussion about the inner (immanent) and outer life (economic) of God as Triune, as a kind of telic means for grasping how we conceive of creation itself—and all its contingent and creaturely realities … Continue reading

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The Real Reason for Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation: And How that Confronts and Contradicts what is Known as Reformed Orthodoxy Today

I was first introduced to Martin Luther’s theology, for real, in my 2002 Reformation theology class, during seminary, under the tutelage of Dr. Ron Frost (who I would later serve as a TA for, and be mentored by). Ron had … Continue reading

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New Podcast on My Always Reforming Podcast: Karl Barth and Charlotte von Kirschbaum

Listen to “Karl Barth and Charlotte von Kirschbaum” on Spreaker.

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