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Mathoma Contra Homosexuality and Other Porneias: A Tweet Involving Virtue Ethics and Human Sexuality

I originally posted this the other day, left it up for a couple of hours, and then took it down. I think I’ll post it again now with some further caveat. As you read the thread itself, by its author, … Continue reading

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God is God, the Basis of Theology: Taking Away Lament and Polemic as Places to Do Theology From {According to John Webster}

I want to offer a quick quote from the late John Webster on how two loci, according to Webster, ought to function (or not) in the practice of systematic theology; I think this has application for living the Christian life … Continue reading

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A Word on Sanctification from the Apostolic Deposit and the Early Protestants in Response to The Revoice Conference 2018

Writing on themes of God’s holiness, repentance, sanctification, and living a mortified and vivified life before God is getting less and less popular; even among many ‘conservative’ Christians. This post will fit into that ‘unpopular’ category, as I want to … Continue reading

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Grace is Not a Phase: Knowledge of God as the Basis for Knowledge of the Justified Self

I have often thought this, and maybe you have too. John Calvin identifies, famously, in his Institute, this, in regard to knowledge of God and knowledge of self, in light of knowledge of God: Without knowledge of self there is … Continue reading

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Miscellanies on How the Order of a Doctrine of Election Affects the Pyromaniacs and The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel is Kingdom initiating, Kingdom grounding; indeed it could be said that the Gospel is the disruptive orientation of the original creation’s ultimate purpose as that is realized in the re-creation of God in Jesus Christ and his resurrection … Continue reading

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Phil Johnson, of the Pyromaniacs, is Out of Blogging Retirement: In Good Form

When I started blogging back in 2005, Phil Johnson did too; the Phil Johnson of what became the Pyromaniacs. For all intents and purposes I was genuinely a troll at his blog, but that was when most people on blogs … Continue reading

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How and Why I Still Read Karl Barth

I continue to read Karl Barth; you might wonder why (or you might not). After I wrote those series of posts—that created a firestorm directed at me—the posts that spoke to Barth’s relationship with Charlotte Von Kirschbaum for most of … Continue reading

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A Note on the Christian Conception of the Relationship Between Church and State: A Christopolitical Dispatch

Theo-politics have been somewhat of an uninterrogated reality for me. As a conservative evangelical, growing up, I sloppily and haphazardly went the way of the Republican party as “the lesser of two-evils” in our representative government in North America. As … Continue reading

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What is Love? The Triune Reality versus Culturally Constructed Conceptions of Divine Love

7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8 The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love. 9 By this the love of God was manifested in us, that God has … Continue reading

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Jesus as an Exemplar Reduced to a Principle of Love: Miscellanies on Christian Social Engagement, Human Sexuality, and Holiness

I have just been having a very messy discussion on Facebook with my daughter’s former youth pastor in regard to homosexuality and how Christians ought to relate to homosexuals. His tact was to write a series of posts on Facebook … Continue reading

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