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Have the Reformed churches Lost their Semper Reformanda ‘Always Reforming’?

My friend, Jason Goroncy, contributed a chapter to the recently published edited volume Always Being Reformed: Challenges and Prospects for the Future of Reformed Theology edited by David H. Jensen. Jason’s chapter is titled Semeper Reformanda as a Confession of Crises (pp. 43–73).[1] I have only just started Jason’s chapter, but as he usually does […]

A Little Essay on the Trinity

Christian Doctrine of God: God is One, God is Three, God is Three, God is One   God is one, the Father in the Son, the Son in the Father with the Holy Spirit . . . true enhypostatic Father, and true enhypostatic Son, and true enhypostatic Holy Spirit, three Persons, one Godhead, one being, […]

What is Considered Reformed Orthodoxy today Was not what Was Considered Orthodoxy Yesteryear: Calvinism in Historical Perspective

I wrote this originally probably back in 2007. It provides introduction to history that I am almost positive that the Young, Restless, and Reformed and other eager Reformed thinkers have never heard of or considered. Everything nowadays is pretty much flattened out when it comes to what counts as Reformed thought and theology. Full disclosure: […]

Thomas Torrance and Thomas Aquinas, The Trinitarians in ‘Relation’?

Staying in the theme of ‘Trinity,’ given the recent and ongoing debate in regard to the so called Eternal Functional Subordinationism of some, I thought I would repost something on the Trinity; although it really has little to nothing to do with the current debate (at least not directly). Nevertheless, I think it is an […]

Why The Eternal Generation of the Son is Important: Thesis 1: “The Holy Trinity is the Absolute Ground and Grammar of All Epistemology, Theology, and Worship.”

The following represents Thesis #1 from our  book: Evangelical Calvinism: Essays Resourcing the Continuing Reformation of the Church. Foreword by Alasdair Heron. Eugene, OR.: Pickwick Publications, 2012. There are a total of 15 Theses in this particular chapter (which happens to be chapter 15 in the book); and they have been co-written by Dr. Myk […]

Jesus ‘the Human’: TF Torrance Reflects Beautifully

I am currently reading Dick O. Eugenio’s book Communion with the Triune God: The Trinitarian Soteriology of T.F. Torrance for review for the UK journal Modern Believing. The book represents the published version of Eugenio’s PhD dissertation which he wrote at Manchester University in the UK. This is not a review, but I thought I […]

A Brief Introduction to Christian Humanism: As the Social Impetus for the Protestant Reformation

Here is a post I wrote when I first started blogging, maybe about eleven years ago. At this point I had never read any T.F. Torrance, only a little of Karl Barth, but I had read a lot of John Calvin and other Reformers like Luther et al. Maybe this post will illustrate why I […]


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