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Jesus Loves Me This I Know … But what is love?

Not surprisingly, for Karl Barth what it means for a human being to love first comes from what it means for God in Jesus Christ (enfleshed) to love. In Barth’s theology human love is not generated from some sort of deep abyss in the human soul; it is not self generated or directed; it is […]

The Theology of Ascension Day a la Torrance and Knox

As Christians we often think about the theology of cross, and the hope of the resurrection (as we should!); but often what gets lost is a theology of the Ascension, and what that means for both now, and the future. Colossians 2, and the language of pleroma, or the plenitude of God’s fullness embodied in Christ dovetails with this, […]

Prayer Request: unemployed

Please keep us in prayer. I have been working for Union Pacific Railroad over these last couple of years. The last many months (since Thanksgiving) I’ve been barely hanging on (business is very slow and they over-hired prior to the slow down). I will be laid off (they call it furlough because they can call […]

Without holiness I can’t see God. That just won’t work

“14 Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord …”[1] This will just be a short reflection on the profundity of this verse; I need to reflect on this verse, and contemplate the depth dimension present in it. I think sometimes when we read this verse we might read it as […]

Thomas F. Torrance on the Holy Spirit and the Nicene Faith

At the Council of Nicaea in 325 A. D. the Fathers spoke of the Holy Spirit only in the last single sentence: ‘We believe in the Holy Spirit’. Brief as this was, it brought into sharp focus the universal emphasis in the New Testament upon the personal and divine nature of the Holy Spirit who, […]

God is Salvation. The Idea of Two Classes of People Rather than One in Christ

I once wrote a post that touched upon what I will further elaborate on in this post; i.e. the idea that the classical/Augustinian concept of election has some very damaging consequences for thinking about humanity/people in general, and for thinking about salvation and a thus a doctrine of God in particular. Most people associate this […]

It was once the Companion Controversy, now it is the Barth Wars; but what is it?

Maybe like me you have grown weary of what was originally called the Companion Controversy, but because of a recent First Things article by Phillip Cary has been relabeled as the Barth Wars. This controversy first started (in print anyway) when Bruce McCormack, of Princeton Theological Seminary, published an essay in The Cambridge Companion to […]


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