We Need More Christian Dogmatics and Less Apologetics

I am just rereading John Webster’s chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Systematic Theology on ‘Theologies of Retrieval’. As he begins his essay he sketches how theologian Eberhard Jüngel engages this mode of theological endeavor in his book God As the Mystery of the World. In his sketching, Webster highlights Jüngel’s primary thesis overriding his book, and that is […] […]

‘Thingness of Godness’: Questioning the Adequacy of B.B. Warfield’s Trinitarianism

My e-friend, Michael Jones has started a new Facebook page; Reformed Theologians. It looks as if Michael will be highlighting various quotes, pictures, and other things associated with the Reformed faith. He has a couple of quotes up, currently, from Princeton theologian of yesteryear, B.B. Warfield. Michael offers this quote from Warfield on the Trinity: The doctrine […]

Origins, Dawkins, and the Myth of Origins: A Faith Account

It is often assumed by atheists/fundamentalists like Richard Dawkins and the so called new Atheists that macro-evolutionary biology, and big-bang cosmology (amongst other disciplinary distinctives) is the death-knell for the Christian explanation of things; i.e. that reality has an explanation that is extra nos (outside of us), and thus is not absolutized or made immanent to material nature itself. […]

What Does Thomas Torrance Think about Theology?

I have just finished reading three books in succession, and I’m now beginning a fourth, which represents a re-read. The first three that I have finished already are: Thy Word Is Truth: Barth On Scripture edited by George Hunsinger, Barth’s Moral Theology: Human Action in Barth’s Thought by John Webster, and Predestination: Biblical and Theological Paths by Matthew Levering; and the re-read I am just […]

The Philosopher’s Theology, and Calvinism

I am writing a review for this book right now, for the Pacific Journal of Baptist Research; I should be done with the review by tomorrow. But I thought I would throw something up here from the book for your consideration. Michael Rea writes: The methodological divide between systematic theologians and analytic philosophers of religion […]