Taste and See: The God of Anselm of Canterbury

Just a little Anselm for the rest of your day.

anselm-SaintSo truly, therefore, do you exist, O Lord, my God, that you can not be conceived not to exist; and rightly. For, if a mind could conceive of a being better than you, the creature would rise above the Creator; and this is most absurd. And, indeed, whatever else there is, except you alone, can be conceived not to exist. To you alone, therefore, it belongs to exist more truly than all other beings, and hence in a higher degree than all others. For, whatever else exists does not exist so truly, and hence in a less degree it belongs to it to exist. Why, then, has the fool said in his heart, there is no God (Psalms xiv. 1), since it is so evident, to a rational mind, that you do exist in the highest degree of all? Why, except that he is dull and a fool? [Anselm, Proslogium, kindle loc. 107.]

So taste and see that the LORD is good! If you ever thought you could conceive of God, the true God is beyond this conception and only can be known if He chooses to be known in His Self-revelation. He has chosen to make Himself known for us and with us (because He loves us, and is gracious), and so we can indeed fellowship with Him by the filial bond provided by the Holy Spirit in and through the vicarious humanity of Jesus Christ. It is fides quarens intellectum ‘faith seeking understanding,’ then. “Taste and see that the LORD is good!