Barth’s Argument from Contingence: Creation’s Inner-Reality

In Barth’s Church Dogmatics III/1 we get into his doctrine of creation. As I was reading along, as is typical when reading Barth, I was struck with something he noted in regard to creation’s beginning; with reference to creation’s telos. Here he presents what sounds something like an argument from contingence, in regard to God’s […]

I’ve Quit Reading Barth

I have quit reading Karl Barth. I have benefited much from his teaching over the years, but there are greater things at play for me. I can benefit from the themes he thought through without reading him directly; there is still TF Torrance and others (even Brunner) who I can read and gain the same […]

Logos asarkos, Word without Flesh

Barth’s theology is often tagged as postmetaphysical in line with something like Kant’s, and more to the point, post-Kantian mediating theologians like Albrecht Ritschl, Wilhelm Hermann et al. But this is overwrought in the sense that Barth might be a trained modern theologian, nevertheless he is conditioned more by his reliance on the antique tradition […]