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Book Review: The Epistle To The Ephesians Karl Barth

The Epistle to the Ephesians: Karl Barth (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic, 2017) ISBN 9780801030918 (hardcover) – 182 pp. Price $18.33 Edited by: R. David Nelson Translated by: Ross M. Wright I wanted to first off say thank you to … Continue reading

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The Confessing Church’s Word Against Jeff Sessions and the Natural Theology of the Trump Administration

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, as many of us know by now, quoted Romans 13 in defense of the barbarous policy of separating children from their parents as they are seeking asylum from their third world living conditions which are embroiled … Continue reading

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Correcting the Errors of Classical Theism and Its Recovery for the Protestant Evangelical Churches: Get God Wrong, Get Everything Following Wrong

Who is God? This basic but all important question has significant ramifications for everything; it is not just a “theological academic” question, it is a question that people live out of every day of their daily lives (whether they are … Continue reading

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Demythologizing the Theology of Karl Barth: On the Unhistorical Nature of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

I’m going to get back to posting more on Barth’s theology once again; and with that a series of posts, scattered about, on modern theology and the value I see in it for the evangelical churches. This will be the … Continue reading

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How and Why I Still Read Karl Barth

I continue to read Karl Barth; you might wonder why (or you might not). After I wrote those series of posts—that created a firestorm directed at me—the posts that spoke to Barth’s relationship with Charlotte Von Kirschbaum for most of … Continue reading

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A Note on the Christian Conception of the Relationship Between Church and State: A Christopolitical Dispatch

Theo-politics have been somewhat of an uninterrogated reality for me. As a conservative evangelical, growing up, I sloppily and haphazardly went the way of the Republican party as “the lesser of two-evils” in our representative government in North America. As … Continue reading

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The UnChristianity of ‘Jesus Studies’: He Constructs Us We Don’t Construct Him

Jesus Studies attempts to think the Christ in ways that are necessarily non-Christian; they attempt to think Christ as a profane artifact of human history, and only after the fact ascribe to him his divine qualities (viz. that is if … Continue reading

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Convergence in Muller, Barth, and Torrance on Immutability and Incarnation

When you read Richard Muller back in 1983 on immutability and incarnation he sounds like Thomas Torrance and Karl Barth in significant ways. Obviously there are important differences as far as the modes of theological appropriation—in regard to the periods … Continue reading

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Is God Really Immutable? If He Is, How Is He? Muller, Molnar, Barth

Divine immutability; it is sometimes thought of as a purely philosophical lens imposed upon the God revealed in Jesus Christ and Holy Scripture (think of people like Pinnock, Harnack, et al.). For some it has functioned very much so in … Continue reading

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“Election et Foi” The French Connection for Barth’s Reformed Reformulated Doctrine of Election

Here is a little more insight on Karl Barth’s doctrine of election for those who maybe haven’t been exposed to it. This is John McDowell (contributor to both of our Evangelical Calvinism books, by the way) describing the development of … Continue reading

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