Mark Driscoll Sees Things! Discernment

Mark Driscoll is a flamboyant youngish pastor in the Seattle, Washington area; just up the road from us. He is what is known as a “Reformed Charismatic,” meaning that he holds to the 5 points of Calvinism, soteriologically; and that he also is what is called a Continuationist (in contrast to a Cessationist) — meaning that he believes in the “Sign Gifts” (like tongues, visions, prophecy [new revelation in a particular sense] etc.). I was just alerted to a sermon he gave at his church in 2008 entitled Christus Victor. Apparently the context for the sermon has to do with “Spiritual Warfare,” and in the clip, provided below, he is recounting his “gift” of spiritual discernment. He describes this gift as one that allows him to See Things that have happened to people in their personal lives; destructive things, immoral things, criminal things — sad things. The things he recounts in this clip are not for the faint of heart; so if you have a faint heart, don’t watch. Here’s the video:


I’d like to know what you think about this. Do you think that what Driscoll describes is in fact descriptive of what the Bible considers the gift of discernment? I can think of at least one instance, involving Elijah (as I recall), wherein he has a similar thing happen to him (similar to Driscoll’s account). As I type, I also recall another instance involving Ezekiel (I think in chapter 8 or so), wherein Yahweh provides a vision for Ezekiel where he sees all kinds of gross sexual immorality and idolatry involving the Priests of Israel. Anyway, I say this to note that what Driscoll is saying is not without biblical precedent; I just wonder if you think that this precedent is continuous into the present life of the Christian church, and in the way that Driscoll describes it for himself? Let me know . . .