A Brief Introduction to Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein, maybe you’ve heard of him, a new kind of self-actualization guru of sorts is on a mission to enlighten people to the coming (and I think Eisenstein, thinks already present in seminal form) Age of Aquarius. I spoke with someone today who is quite impressed with Eisenstein. Here is a brief video where Eisenstein is featured, and where he presents a semblance of some of his nascent thinking. I plan on doing further posts on Eisenstein in the future; primarily prompted by this interlocutor of mine. Here’s that video:

You will quickly notice that the guiding assumption is that humanity is ultimately good; that humanity simply needs to activate or charge that divine spark, and simply give one to the other; it is herein that humanity will find collective salvation, and the plot of Genesis 3 will find collective resonance through collective salvation as humanity gifts others, and then themselves with life. What I mean in reference to Genesis 3, is of course the original lie that satan spoke to Eve (and Adam); that they could be like God, having the knowledge of good and evil. Once this lie was embraced by Eve and Adam, once they doubted God’s good word to them for satan’s bad word; humanity fell from relationship with their Creator, and the rest is history (as they say). Ever since, humanity has been living out of this lie, that THEY can be like god; it is this that drives humanity towards constructing a reality wherein they are the center and purpose (telos) of all creation. The reality, of course, is that God, in his wisdom sent his Logos, his ‘Word’, his eternal Son; and it is through God’s ‘Word’ once again, that creation is recreated, through the Great Reversal of the death of the God-man on the cross; the recreation starts in death, and begins in the resurrection and ascension of Christ. It is through this reality that creation has been repurposed and reopened, so to speak, for a life of unending bliss with her creator. We continue to wait for this reality to become fully realized and consummate; but even now we experience the Apocalyptic in-breaking of God’s kingdom into the present aspect of God’s unfolding kingdom in the Now.

PS. I plan on giving ‘A Christian Reading of Eisenstein’ in the days to come … again, in response to my interlocutor