The Classically Calvinist God: A Dissonance Between its Philosophical Buttress and its Lived and Preached Piety

As I have been wont to say many times in the past: ‘who we think God is determines everything else following.’ In North America, and in my closest experience, John MacArthur, Paul Washer and their respective acolytes, illustrate this quite readily. John MacArthur and Paul Washer, both self-styled 5 Point Calvinists, maintain that God is […]

On Being Calvinist without Restatement

Being an Evangelical Calvinist (as defined), or Athanasian Reformed, entails being positive in approach. That is, we aren’t interested in repristination or mimicry of the past; even as we resource and listen intently to it. As Protestant Christians we are regulated by a slavish commitment to a theology of the Word, and it is through […]

A Telling of an Evangelical Calvinism [contra Westminster Calvinism] by T.F. Torrance

TF Torrance was and remains the inspiration for what me and Myk Habets have called Evangelical Calvinism (after TFT). Torrance maintains that the evangelical Calvinism he affirms was really just representative of a Scottish development that unfolded concurrently alongside the development of Westminster Calvinism. Torrance argues that the themes he elevates as representative of an […]

Thomas Aquinas’ semi-Pelagianism; Augustine of Hippo’s Relationalism; and Evangelical Calvinism’s Reception of Latin Theology

There is a lot of talk these days in certain (Baptist) sectors about retrieving the theology of Thomas Aquinas. The focus of discussion is typically on his Prima Pars—of his Summa Theologiae—and less on the full scope of Thomas’ theology. But what in fact is being retrieved, if in fact the ultimate desire is to […]