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How to Read the Book of Revelation: Against Modern Day Astrological Numerology and other Aberrations

Given that according to some prognosticators the world is facing certain apocalyptic and cataclysmic reorientation starting in September 23rd, 2017, I thought I would reshare something I wrote awhile ago that engages with how to interpret the book of Revelation. … Continue reading

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The Enlightenment, Biblical Studies, and the Development of the Dispensational Hermeneutic

I just found this buried in my saved documents in Word. It gets into some reasons why I have abandoned Dispensationalism as my hermeneutic (which I did approx. eleven years ago), as it tries to draw attention to the impact … Continue reading

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The Dispensational Hermeneutic, An Enlightenment Invention: Ryrie, Berkouwer, and Webster in Relief

There is no doubt a retreat, or migration as it were, of evangelicals has taken place from engaging with doctrine, but insofar as doctrine is still present for many evangelicals of a certain era anyway, what informs them most, at … Continue reading

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Interpreting the Bible ‘Literally’, in Christ: Considering Dispensationalism and Christian Hermeneutics

How should we read the Bible as Christians? And when we claim to read the Bible literally, what does this mean? These are two questions I want to broach (emphasis on broach) in this short post. In particular I want … Continue reading

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Left Behind’s Theology?

October 3rd, 2014, the event everyone has been waiting for: Left Behind with Nicholas Cage will go live in a movie theater near you! What is all of the hype about in regard to the story line that funds the Left … Continue reading

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Nuance in Dispensationalism[s]

In case you ever wondered about the variation represented in Dispensationalism; I thought I would post this brief synopsis of dispensationalism, and provide a brief sketch of the nuance available therein. Here we go. A brief synopsis of the Dispensationalisms: … Continue reading

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The Great Tribulation

*Here’s the first post of many on this topic. It is primarily in response to some questions my aunt has on these issues; I will be addressing other points in this same realm in the days to come. This is … Continue reading

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A Discussion with, Daniel, Cameron, and Chris: On Eschatology, Dispensationalism, and a Christ Concentrated Heremeneutic

The following is primarily intended to follow up on a discussion I had this last Wednesday with my pastor (Daniel), and other brothers from my church (Calvary Chapel, Vancouver/Downtown). We were talking, in general, about our views on “eschatology,” and … Continue reading

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A Christicrucicentric Understanding of The Great Tribulation and Current Suffering in the World: Contra Dispensationalism

Just a quick thought on an implication of a premillennial futurist understanding of eschatology; one that is most at home in a Dispensational framework. It is interesting, just from a psychological and sociological vantage point how futurism functions for its … Continue reading

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Let God Be True and Every Man a Liar: Dispensationalistm, Inerrancy and a Doctrine of God

I was just thinking about dispensationalism—I’m sure you ‘just’ do the same all the time ;-)—it is in my life blood, as I have shared multiple times before. It is interesting, maybe you haven’t made this connection before, dispensationalism is … Continue reading

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