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How to Read the Book of Revelation: Against Modern Day Astrological Numerology and other Aberrations

Given that according to some prognosticators the world is facing certain apocalyptic and cataclysmic reorientation starting in September 23rd, 2017, I thought I would reshare something I wrote awhile ago that engages with how to interpret the book of Revelation. Since these prognosticators are tying their predictions and prognostications to their interpretation of Revelation 12, […]

The Enlightenment, Biblical Studies, and the Development of the Dispensational Hermeneutic

I just found this buried in my saved documents in Word. It gets into some reasons why I have abandoned Dispensationalism as my hermeneutic (which I did approx. eleven years ago), as it tries to draw attention to the impact that the Enlightenment had upon the context within which Dispensationalism developed as a system of […]

The Dispensational Hermeneutic, An Enlightenment Invention: Ryrie, Berkouwer, and Webster in Relief

There is no doubt a retreat, or migration as it were, of evangelicals has taken place from engaging with doctrine, but insofar as doctrine is still present for many evangelicals of a certain era anyway, what informs them most, at least hermeneutically is the hermeneutic known as Dispensationalism. It was this hermeneutic that I was […]

Interpreting the Bible ‘Literally’, in Christ: Considering Dispensationalism and Christian Hermeneutics

How should we read the Bible as Christians? And when we claim to read the Bible literally, what does this mean? These are two questions I want to broach (emphasis on broach) in this short post. In particular I want to engage with these questions from my own evangelical context, and even more pointedly to […]

Left Behind’s Theology?

October 3rd, 2014, the event everyone has been waiting for: Left Behind with Nicholas Cage will go live in a movie theater near you! What is all of the hype about in regard to the story line that funds the Left Behind movies and books (coauthored by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye)? Glad you asked. The […]

Nuance in Dispensationalism[s]

In case you ever wondered about the variation represented in Dispensationalism; I thought I would post this brief synopsis of dispensationalism, and provide a brief sketch of the nuance available therein. Here we go. A brief synopsis of the Dispensationalisms: Classic Dispensationalism: This view was first articulated by John N. Darby, and popularized by C. […]

The Great Tribulation

*Here’s the first post of many on this topic. It is primarily in response to some questions my aunt has on these issues; I will be addressing other points in this same realm in the days to come. This is actually a repost from another blog. Matthew 24:15-28 offers the pericope best known for describing […]

A Discussion with, Daniel, Cameron, and Chris: On Eschatology, Dispensationalism, and a Christ Concentrated Heremeneutic

The following is primarily intended to follow up on a discussion I had this last Wednesday with my pastor (Daniel), and other brothers from my church (Calvary Chapel, Vancouver/Downtown). We were talking, in general, about our views on “eschatology,” and attempting to articulate the lineaments of our various positions; or maybe, even, for some of […]

A Christicrucicentric Understanding of The Great Tribulation and Current Suffering in the World: Contra Dispensationalism

Just a quick thought on an implication of a premillennial futurist understanding of eschatology; one that is most at home in a Dispensational framework. It is interesting, just from a psychological and sociological vantage point how futurism functions for its adherents; i.e. its primary adherents as I just noted would be Dispensational-pre-millennial-pre-tribulational North American Evangelicals. […]

Let God Be True and Every Man a Liar: Dispensationalistm, Inerrancy and a Doctrine of God

I was just thinking about dispensationalism—I’m sure you ‘just’ do the same all the time ;-)—it is in my life blood, as I have shared multiple times before. It is interesting, maybe you haven’t made this connection before, dispensationalism is necessarily a product of a Christian Fundamentalist doctrine of Scripture, and in particular, a staunch and idiosyncratic […]