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The Determination of the Church’s Witness as the Ground of Theology for the Church and the World: A Reflection Prompted by Robert Jenson

Theology is as Barth would intone early on in his Göttingen Dogmatics, Deus dixit ‘God has spoken.’ In other words, theology, genuinely Christian theology cannot be done from a prethought framework that comes as a prius to God’s speaking to us first. If so, if this was indeed the Christian theological way then how could […]

The Mystery of Godliness in Flesh: Engaging with K Sonderegger’s “Immutable-Mutability” in the Hypostatic Union

Katherine Sonderegger’s recently released (2015) Systematic Theology. Volume 1, The Doctrine of God is a theology text that is textured and dripping with doxological prose towards a God who you sense is truly holy as you work your way through it. She is someone I would say who writes in the same type of reverent […]

God’s Plight as Our Plight in Christ; Death Couldn’t Hold Him Down

I have read loads of theology books over the years, but I can’t ever recall being moved to tears as a result of reading them. That just changed as I’m finishing up Robert Dale Dawson’s book (published PhD dissertation) The Resurrection in Karl Barth. In the closing chapter he is offering up some critical constructive […]

The Sina Qua Non of the Gospel, The Trinity

The Holy Trinity is the absolute ground and grammar of all epistemology, theology, and worship; so says our thesis one from chapter fifteen in our volume one Evangelical Calvinism book. Torrance beautifully illustrates this in what he writes below: While the Lord Jesus Christ constitutes the pivotal centre of our knowledge of God, God’s distinctive […]

Silence, Suffering, and Worship Coram Deo with Reference to Sonderegger

We ought to be silent before the LORD God! I have once again come to the so called ‘Minor Prophets’ or more Tanakhnic the ‘Book of the Twelve’ and have been reminded of a verse or two that simply has never left me from the time that I first read through these sections of Holy […]

Against Polemics: Augustine on the Superabundance of God’s Life, and Rest In Him

I once read a book by Peter Leithart, his book on Athanasius; an excellent book! He prologued his book on Athanasius, ironically, with a reflection by Augustine; and it is brilliant, I love it. Here it is: [W]hat is the nature of things? What are things, ultimately and in their most basic structures and essence? […]

My Theological Rhythm For Today

Sometimes I just feel like doing some theological flowing. I get this “burning in the bosom” 😉 that seems to be fueled by a sense of utter worship, and love of Christ. So the following represents my theological throw down for the day (very stream of conscious). This life is full of continual angst, and […]

Reading the Book of Revelation Properly: Dispensationalists and Non-Dispensationalists

I just listened through the book of Revelation yesterday, performed by Max McLean (the NIV); and it was a great exercise. It is different to listen than it is to read, indeed, it is more true to how the original audience would have received it as an circuit epistle (letter) written to the ‘7 churches’. As […]

Creation, A Reason

In some of my posts, especially of late, we have been thinking about the Christian doctrine of Creation; as corollary, we have also been considering our relation to creation in and through Christ. The first step we ought to engage, in our consideration of such things; is to wonder about the God-world relation and what […]

A Reflection From Work: God, Not Without Us, But For Us …

I am at work right now, on break, and I have been contemplating something that those of us who think and do theology often quickly move through—too quickly. The ineffable nature of what we have been given through Christ’s mediation of God-self to us is absolutely astounding—I know, duh! But, for some reason I was […]