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Level I and Level II orthodoxy: Reflections on Ecumenicism and “Catholicity Building”

*A post I originally wrote in 2008; I wasn’t an Evangelical Calvinist at this point, only seminally (and unconsciously). But I still think there are some good points here, particularly with reference to the quote I provide from my former … Continue reading

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‘Vicariousness’ in TFT’s Theology illustrated by the Eucharist and Reported by Molnar: Against Dualistic Thinking in Salvation

Here’s a post that I bet none of you have seen; it is from another blog of mine, probably around nine years old. The following is going to be a long quote from Paul Molnar (the Roman Catholic😉 on Torrance’s … Continue reading

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The Apocalyptic Eucharist as the Reality that Unites the Churches Under the Primacy of Jesus: T Torrance

The following (well the indented section that is following; the first three paragraphs are my introduction and thoughts on what Torrance has written to Florovsky as transcribed by Baker) comes from Matthew Baker’s transcription of a personal correspondence that took … Continue reading

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Protestants, Evangelicals, and the “Problem” of Tradition

This repost is inspired by Cody Lee, with whom I have been having a little discussion on this issue here. It is often thought by Protestant-Evangelical Christians that Roman Catholics are the only ones with “Tradition,” but this really couldn’t … Continue reading

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Is the Trinity negotiable for Evangelical Christians and the Gospel?

What is happening to ‘Evangelical’ Christianity? Brian LePort just posted this: Is Rejection of the doctrine of the Trinity a Rejection of the Gospel? Brian is simply continuing a dialogue that Marc Cortez started on his blog, and then others … Continue reading

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Reformed "Ecumenism"

Donald McKim offers a nice summary of the kind of attitude and posture Evangelical Calvinism wants to approach the rest of the “Reformed tradition” with, as well as Chrisendom at large; he says: The Reformed faith impels persons to confess … Continue reading

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